11 Elisa Johnson Instagram Photos That Reveal The 'EJNYC' Star's Awesome Life

I know that EJ Johnson is the star of EJNYC , but I’m really feeling EJ’s sister, Elisa. She and her brother have a pretty good relationship — what siblings don’t fight from time to time? — and in the end, you know they always have each other’s backs. Elisa is in college at the Fashion Institute Of Technology in New York City, and, as I’ve seen on television and on her Instagram, Elisa Johnson seems like she has a pretty good life.

Elisa and EJ’s dad, for those of you who don’t know, is Earvin “Magic” Johnson, aka one of the most successful basketball players of all time. He played with the Lakers for 13 seasons. According to the New York Times, EJ was born to Earvin and Cookie Johnson in 1992, and the Johnson family adopted Elisa in 1995. Elisa grew up pretty nicely as the daughter of a major athlete. Fun fact: her best friend, Samira, is the daughter of LL Cool J. The two went to the same high school and even went to prom in the same group, according to Bossip. Samira features prominently in Elisa’s life and Instagram, so let’s take a look and see what she’s been up to.

Elisa Sings Along To Drake & Rihanna

If "Work" comes on your Spotify and you don't sing along to it, what kind of a person are you? Elisa and her friends get it.

Elisa Bops In The Car With Her BFF

Ah, I remember those days — not a care in the world, grooving to the latest tunes. There was usually a drive-through in there, too... I hope Elisa got French fries.

Elisa Chills In Denim

She really is the chicest — I would look crazy in this outfit, but for her, it's just another normal fashion day. The world isn't fair.

Elisa Is A Master Of The Selfie

And she always has a new pair of sunglasses on! I envy her collection of shades.

Elisa Shows Off Her New Purchases

These boots are slaying me, okay?

Elisa Hangs Out With Her Brother

Just like me! Except... I don't have a brother, and if I did, I don't know if we'd be hanging out in such exotic locations.

Elisa Appreciates A Full-Length Mirror

I mean, how else are you supposed to show everyone how much you're feelin' yourself? Especially in a department store.

Elisa Celebrates Her Dad

Happy birthday, Magic!

Elisa Creates Her Own Memes

I don't know, I like this one better than the Kermit one.

Elisa Sets Sail

Or, you know, motor. And she looks good doing it.

Elisa Loves An Impromptu Fashion Shoot

Same, though, especially if I have a friend or four along.

I don't know — Elisa's had a pretty charmed life, but according to her Instagram, her life looks a lot like mine does — selfies, car sing-a-longs, spending too much time on the Internet — only turned all the way up.

Images: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment