14 Parents Who Are Better At "Pokemon Go" Than You

In two weeks, "Pokemon Go" has literally taken over all of our phone's allotted data and all of our brain's allotted attention, so it's no wonder even parents have started using "Pokemon Go". Personally, even I had trouble relaxing on a weekend trip to the woods because there were no Pokemon to catch in my area. This is not an issue that I could have ever anticipated having as an adult approaching 30. I went to a bar the other night and a cute guy came up to me and whispered in my ear where a great catch was hiding. Is that flirting in mid 2016? I think it might be.

But what I find most astounding through all of this is how much even older people are getting into it. And by even older people, I mean our parents. They might not know how to use their smart phones yet, but they've somehow figured out how to download Pokemon Go and they're catching them all.

How a group of people who need to call their children every time they get an update notification have figured out how to play this Millennial-targeted game is beyond me, and fascinating. I realize you might need to see this to believe this, so here are 14 parents who are better at "Pokemon Go" than you:

"Walking The Dog"

The new excuse to catch Pokemon is making everyone really eager to take the dog out.


A+ on the pun scale.

When Your Storage Shows Your True Colors

The kids exist in real life, they don't need to exist on the phone, too. If you think about it, it makes sense to let the pictures go.

When You Need A Babysitter For One Minute

Parents are now hoping that a Pokesitter or assistant will hit the neighborhood market soon. I suggest that if you're looking for part time work you put up an ad ASAP.

Family Matters

It's a fair question and concern.

When Mama Eats The Data

And kids have to play adults so there aren't overages.

The Humble Captor

When you're impressed with yourself but not ready to let the world know you're an adult child.

Be Back Later

When your parents don't want to hang out with you because they'd rather be out catching them all?

Sip N Go

Wine in the left hand, Pokeball in the right.

Quality Time

It brings the family together.


Totally typical dad kind of user name. Very conspicuous.

Nothing Much

What's Up? Nm, u? JCP. (Just catchin' Pokemon.)

CEO Of The Pokestop

When your dad is a CEO but just has more important things to do like catch them all.


When you catch your dad red-handed, straight chillin' in Pokeland.

Images: Pexels