Chyka's Husband Bruce From 'Real Housewives Of Melbourne' Is A Businessman Who Loves To Have Fun

Behind every Real Housewife, there is often a husband who serves as an equal to the housewife. Of The Real Housewives of Melbourne and their husbands, there may not be a pair as successful as Chyka and Bruce Keebaugh. Chyka's husband is not only her partner in marriage, but is also her partner in business. Chyka and Bruce are the co-founders of Australian hospitality company The Big Group, according to her Bravo bio. While Chyka also serves as the owner of the company, Bruce has a more hands-on role as the director of the company. Chyka is a more visible presence on Real Housewives of Melbourne, but it's important to know who Bruce is and understand how their relationship transcends love and business.

Along with The Big Group, Bruce and Chyka also have a hand in the management of businesses The Design Depot and Capital Kitchen, according to her Bravo bio. Bruce's bio on the website for The Big Group states that "Bruce’s life passion is entertaining and looking after people ... As the party date draws near Bruce’s energy steps up into overdrive and the craziness and folly begin." Bruce's approach to fun in his business also comes through in his personal life, where he, his wife, and their two kids are often exploring the amusing aspects of life. Here's what you need to know about Bruce going into The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

He Loves His Family

Bruce and Chyka have two children together, Chessie and BJ. While these two parents have plenty of accomplishments to be proud of, none of those compare to how dearly they care for their children.

He's About His Business

Who else gets custom-made swim trunks to advertise their hospitality company? It seems that only Bruce Keebaugh is willing to go that extra mile.

He's A Fan Of Nature

Bruce often takes to social media to showcase pictures of the many beautiful places that he and his family go, be it the coast towns of Italy or the French countryside. However, it seems that Bruce has a special place in his heart for animals, especially those of the exotic variety.

He's Goofy

Bruce may run a serious business, but in her personal life he seems to take pleasure in being anything but serious.

He Loves Getting Away

Managing so many businesses is surely exhausting, so it makes sense that Bruce truly enjoys the little relaxation time that he does get.

Bruce seems to be the model of a modern successful businessman. He has a good family life, happens to be part of a business-centric power couple, and has found a great deal of success doing what he loves. Catch his and Chyka's shenanigans on RHOM starting Friday on Bravo.