Chyka Keebaugh's Net Worth Explains How 'The Real Housewives Of Melbourne' Star Lives So Lavishly

Real Housewives tend to share some similarities no matter where they're from. The Real Housewives of Melbourne aren't that different than The Real Housewives of Dallas or The Real Housewives of Potomac. Aside from a whole different cast of characters, as well as some unique accents, RHOM still follows the lives of the fabulously wealthy and influential throughout the city of Melbourne. Arguably the most fabulous and influential housewife in all of Melbourne, Chyka Keebaugh has worked hard for years to reach such a high social status. Chyka's net worth proves that she's a shrewd businesswoman in addition to being a fitting reality tv star.

Chyka's official bio on Bravo states that she's a "huge fan of design, style, fashion, food, and beautiful spaces." Chyka has taken her love of these things and spun them into three successful businesses which she owns. According to CelebrityNetWorth, Chyka's three businesses have helped her reach an approximate net worth of $40 Million. While that number is an estimation, it would make sense that it could be so high. Her bio states that she owns "one of Australia’s largest privately owned catering and event companies" which caters to "clients ranging from Middle Eastern sheiks to aristocracy; their clientele includes society’s elite." Those are some high-paying customers. She also runs an aptly name event stylist company The Design Depot and a casual food store Capital Kitchen, all which take up a lot of time. But, she's still a big believer in relaxing, vacationing, and living one's best life. Here's a look at what this Real Housewife does with her wealth.

Vacationing In Positano

When not having a direct hand in her multiple businesses, Chyka shares her experiences traveling the world. In 2016, she stopped by popular vacation spot Positano, Italy to sample their cuisine and take in some of the breath-taking views that define this coast town.

Going All Out For Halloween

Chyka does not skimp on holidays. As someone whose business is literally throwing amazing parties, no expense is spared when it comes to celebrating the most exciting holidays of the year.

Enjoying Books & Spirits

Peanut Butter & jelly; bed and breakfast; there are just some things that go well together. And as gin and tonic goes together perfectly, so too does a good drink and a fine book.

Visiting England And Dressing For The Occasion

Chyka and her husband/business partner Bruce know how to dress to fit in with their surroundings. While visiting the Ascot Racecourse in Ascot, Berkshire in England, Chyka and Bruce put on their fanciest horse-racing outfits for an adorable photo opportunity.

Enjoying A French Picnic

In addition to her business ventures, Chyka also runs where she shows others how they can make their life a little more like Chyka's. It seems that one way to live like Chyka is to enjoy homemade picnics in the French countryside like she does in this picture.

Dressing Her Husband Up Like A Tennis Ball

You have to enjoy the simpler things sometimes.

Between work and maintaining her standing in the Melbourne social scene (which is a job in and of itself), Chyka has a lot of weight on her shoulders. Luckily for her, all that hard work she's put in has paid off and she's able to take time out of her schedule to relax, have fun, and see some pretty amazing sights. Getting to where Chyka is isn't easy, but being worth millions opens up a lot of opportunities to explore the world and live one's best life.

Image: Kristian Taylor-Wood/Bravo