How To Update "Pokemon Go" On Your iPhone

In order to keep up with the Pokemon trainers around you, it is important to keep your equipment in tip-top shape. How else do you expect to catch the best Pokemon and be the greatest trainer since Ash Ketchum? All you will need to learn is how to update "Pokemon Go," and then you are all set. Free to walk as far and wide as you can to capture those majestic creatures with the aid of your smart phone.

You want to keep on top of the game updates for a few reasons. Obviously you want to have the most updated version of the game in order to catch Pokemon. That's a given. Next, you'll want to be ahead of the curve because the future of "Pokemon Go" looks to be really bright. Since it's just starting to roll out in countries outside of North America, the game will obviously expand and get better with time, which means fancy new features for us to test out with all of our Pokemon in tow. In order go be the first to experience that, you'll need to update "Pokemon Go" every once in a while. The following is a step by step guide to how you can do that.

Step One: Go To The App Store

In the search bar, type in "Pokemon Go". You'll be taken to the app's homepage.

Step Two: Click Update

By clicking the button that says update you will start the updating process. Depending on the speed of your internet connection this may take seconds.

Step Three: Open The App And Enjoy

Once it is done updating, you will be able to click the button that says "open" and be taken directly to the game. You have the most updated version now and can start claiming that top Pokemon Master spot.

Images: Dasha Fayvinova/Pokemon Go