How To Get "Pokemon Go"

Are you struggling to figure out how to download "Pokemon Go?" Do you not have a phone? Do you hate being outside? These are probably some questions you've been facing. And while I can't fix your lack of phone or hatred of nature, I can help you out in the download department. Now that "Pokemon Go" is officially more popular than Tinder (honestly who would have thought that a 21-year-old Japanese video game and cartoon franchise could outweigh an entire generation's horniness, but whatever), those of us who are not playing are for sure in the minority. Here's how to fix that, if that is in fact something you would like to fix. (You don't have to, of course; just, y'know... in case you do.)

The positives about the new "Pokemon Go" app are many: It's free, it's easy to download, it's easy to use, and it makes people use their limbs to do walking. The negatives are that people keep stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, and in the middle of street, and in the middle of the aisle at Trader Joe's, and my entire newsfeed is filled with people posing with animals that even as a kid I could not have identified. (I hate feeling left out.) Oh, and the app's servers keep crashing during lunch time and after 5 p.m., because people keep trying to play around their 9 a.m.-to-5 p.m. work schedules. Mmmhmm. The app does not lie.

But hey, maybe you just want to give it a try. I get that. I'm here to help. With this tutorial (which demonstrates how to do it with an iPhone, since that's what I have; downloading it for Android isn't too different, though), you'll be up and catching Pikachus and Squirtles and what have you in no time.

1. Open the App Store

It's the little "A" icon — the one that has 22 updates waiting on my screen right now. (I KNOW, OK?)

2. Search "Pokemon"

It will be the number one search result. I promise. Because this app is bonkers popular.

3. Click the "GET" Box

I always feel very bossy when I do that. GET. GIMME. I WANT IT.

4. Click "Install"

You'll know it's downloading because this is what the icon will look like on your phone's home screen:

Wow. Much downloading. Also, yeahm my background is a fluffy white cat bathing in pink glitter money, and no, I'm not apologizing.

5. Open the App

Once "Pokemon Go" is done downloading and installing, the app's page will give you the option to open it. So go ahead. Tap that "OPEN" box. What are you waiting for?


Well, I'll play it eventually, I guess.

Images: Pokemon Go; Maddy Foley/Bustle (6)