'The Girl On The Train' Presents A Big Mystery, But What Is It? — VIDEO

It looks like Emily Blunt will be sinking her teeth into one of her meatiest roles to date in the latest trailer for The Girl on the Train . Hailed as the successor to Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train is latest in a genre of female-led crime novels to get the cinematic treatment. In doing so, a category often rounded out with male detectives tracking down the answers get a dark and refreshing twist. In this fresh sneak peek, Emily Blunt is the titular girl, Rachel Watson, who witness some very dark dealings from her window on the train taking her to her morning commute. The plot thickens when Watson makes the connection that the woman she believes she saw murdered, Megan Hipwell (Hayley Bennett), is actually one half of the couple she has voyeuristically admired on the same commute on previous mornings. What exactly is Rachel's connection to Megan? Why is Rachel so invested in figuring out what happened to Megan?

The trailer has some major clues as to the driving forces behind Megan's untimely end. Not only is she the unwitting star of Rachel's daily commute, she is also a woman trapped in her seemingly-perfect marriage. Oh and she also happens to be the nanny/neighbor of Rachel's ex-husband. Cue the Law & Order theme song, right? But what I'm most interested in is the suspicion that surrounds Rachel. Not only is Rachel prone to being a Peeping Tom, it appears her psyche is wafer-thin fragile and she has a boozy history. That's not to say she's necessarily that villain of the piece but her status as an unreliable protagonist certainly thickens the plot.

Can we trust Rachel? Is she going to solve the mystery or simply become a pawn in the game? Emily Blunt has been on a major hot streak lately when it comes to tackling hefty female roles (Sicario, Edge of Tomorrow, Looper) that have a dark edge to them. The role of Rachel adds a particularly inviting element —the unreliable narrator—that will surely demand much from Blunt's performance. What The Girl on the Train seems to be promising is a dark, erotic and very tangled mystery that will no doubt leave us all flocking to theaters when its released on October 7.

Do you think Rachel Watson will be able to figure out what happened to Megan Hipwell? Or is she simply too unreliable? Take a look at the latest trailer, full to the brim with extra glimpses at the ensuing mystery, and decide for yourself.

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