Nick Jonas Gets Sexy In Exclusive 'Careful What You Wish For' Clip — VIDEO

If you thought that Nick Jonas' video for "Under You" was hot, just wait until you see this exclusive clip from Jonas' new movie Careful What You Wish Forit might just make the summer even more scorching. Gone are Jonas' days of being a Disney kid — the 23-year-old actor and singer is definitely an adult, and his new film definitely reflects his older image. Careful What You Wish For could be Jonas' edgiest movie yet, if this super steamy make out scene is any indication of what's to come.

Careful What You Wish For stars Jonas as Doug, a young man heading off to college who becomes entangled with Lena (Isabel Lucas), the wife of a wealthy investment banker. The pair attempt to conceal their affair, but things go south when someone in their summer vacation community turns up dead under mysterious circumstances. The scandal rocks the community, and forces Doug to confront his own deceit and betrayal. Of course, before all of that goes down, there's a whole lot of making out with Lena to be done. In this exclusive clip, Doug kisses Lena for the first time, only to realize that his mistake may not have been one sided after all as their sexual tension gives way to an actual hookup.

Check out the exclusive clip below:

StarzDigital on YouTube

Careful What You Wish For hits DVD on August 2.