How Long Is 'The Bachelor' Finale? Let's Just Say It's Longer Than Juan Pablo's Attention Span

We've made it this far, and Monday night the saga will finally come to a close. Who will Juan Pablo Galavis choose to be his bride-to-be on The Bachelor? Who will he get down on one knee and propose to? Will it be Clare, his favorite ocean adventurer who he simply can't keep his hands off? Or will it be Nikki, the pediactric nurse? Or perhaps, Juan Pablo won't propose to either. Ironically, these two ladies couldn't be more different, and they can't even stand to be in the same room together, so the whole world is curious to see which type of woman J.P. prefers. Every episode this season, excluding the "Women Tell All" special, has been two hours in running time, and the finale will be no exception. The Bachelor finale will be two hours long, just like every other episode.

But after the finale episode, as tradition goes, we will have an hour long special, "After the Final Rose", where host Chris Harrison checks in with Juan Pablo and his lucky lady (assuming that he does propose, or does end up with anyone, at all). This live special is unique because it will reunite Juan Pablo with the woman he hasn't been able to see in public since wrapping the show.

Get ready, everyone, the Bachelor finale is only hours away.