Sooo... Is Michael Phelps Married?

by Caitlyn Callegari

If you've kept up with Michael Phelps in the past year, you'd know that, in addition to the busy schedule he's kept while preparing to kill it at the Olympics yet again, Phelps became a father to Boomer Robert Phelps in May. To be quite frank, his pictures with the infant are almost as gratifying as watching all those gold medal wins. So considering he's a dad now and all, you might also be wondering: Is Phelps married? Not that he has to be or anything — this is 2016 after all — but that's where the mind naturally wanders, doesn't it? Does he have a partner in all of this?

Phelps does have a partner., and they are both intent on marrying one another. However, Nicole Johnson, Miss California 2010 and the mother of little Boomer, is not yet Phelps' wife. The thing is, though, she does have a big ol' rock on her finger, insinuating that they'll probably be heading down the aisle semi-soon. So while Phelps does not currently have a wife, he does have a fiancée, and you should all know that he's super, super proud that she's with him. You know, if his frequent and endearing social media love for her is any indication. If there could be a gold medal for being a famous couple who know how to share their love but not overdo it on social media, these two would be up on that podium.

Here are 14 pictures of Phelps and Johnson that are so nice, it'll somehow make you forget about his incomparable Olympic career entirely... at least, for a little bit.

1. This Picture With A Simple Yet Sweet Sentiment

I'm always a sucker for significant others calling each other their "best friends."

2. This Adorable Mother-Son "Moment" Through Phelps' Eyes

TBH, I think Boomer is more into the hanging plush animals, but it's cool.

3. This Cute Couple Snapshot

It's good not to take things too seriously.

4. This Naptime Cuddle

You guys, enough.

5. This Amazing Birth Photo

What. A. Shot. Wow.

6. This One Big Happy Family Pic

I'm swooning.

7. This One Big Happy Extended Family Pic

Aw, who knew Phelps was such a softy?

8. This Mother's Day Shoutout

I have heart eyes right now.

9. Boomer's Big Announcement Shot

How sweet?

10. This Casual Yet Fancy Moment

Clearly, the two are totally at ease around each other.

11. The Standard Valentine's Day Pic

It's a must. Even for Olympians.

12. This Gorgeous Photo Of A Pregnant Johnson

Phelps' excitement over being a dad and love for his fiancée was (and is) palpable.

13. Oh, And This One Too (With A Cameo By Phelps)

See? They're so fun.

14. This Perfect Engagement Picture

That's how it's done, people.

Phelps isn't married yet, but as evidenced by those pictures, a wedding would basically just be a technicality.