21 Things From Heather Dubrow's Mansion That'll Make You Infinitely Jealous

Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow has been building her giant mansion for forever... or at least it seems like forever, since she has been talking about it for so long. This house has been Heather's main storyline on the series for a while, so I can't wait for it to be wrapped up so we can get into some other juicy stuff. I also just want to see the house and what kind of opulent things she has in it. Thankfully, she has been posting a lot of photos on Instagram as the process goes on so we can know what things to expect from Heather Dubrow's new house.

Then again, knowing Heather, it is very possible that she came up with other brilliant ideas to replace the things that she already had done, so who knows what's accurate anymore. Nevertheless, I know that the house is going to be fabulous and full of champagne.

But I won't keep you from all the decadence any longer:

1. A Movie Theater

I'm sure that the Dubrow kids will love watching movies in their home theater, but I also can't help wondering if the family is going to watch episodes of RHOC or Botched on the big screen.

2. A Huge Sofa

Heather and Terry are anything but modest when it comes to their decorating taste. "Go big or go home" definitely applies to this massive and comfy-looking couch.

3. An Office

If every office looked like this, people would have no issue doing work every day. This is honestly the most beautiful workspace I've ever seen.

4. A Seating Area In The Bathroom

I have no idea who is in the bathroom long enough to have a separate seating area, but it sure looks nice. And I mean, if you can afford this and have the space, then go for it.

5. A Champagne Button

It is not at all surprising that Heather would want a champagne button in her home. All she has to do is press the button in her closet so it rings in the kitchen for someone to bring her a glass (or bottle) while she picks her outfits. Unreal.

6. A Staircase

Of course there is going to be a staircase in the Dubrow mansion. There's no way that Heather would live in a one-floor home. And of course, this isn't a standard set of stairs, by any means. Just like everything else in the house, it is very detailed and gorgeous.

7. A LEGO Table

This is not one of the "essentials" that I had in mind when picturing this fully done home, but I love how Heather's daughter will get to play on a custom, pink LEGO table. How adorable.

8. A Chandelier

I bet this is one of many chandeliers in the house, but it is gorgeous enough to stand out on its own. It almost looks like a diamond wedding band. If #ChandelierGoals is a thing, this is definitely the epitome of that.

9. A Palm Tree

Of course a house in Orange County, California has a palm tree. It would be weird if it didn't have one.

10. A Gorgeous Front Door

I wouldn't think to give the front door of a house a second look, but Heather is all about the details, so it's not at all shocking that she has an amazing entrance to her new home.

11. A Bar (Duh)

There's no way that the queen of champagne was going to live some place without a bar. There are no pictures of the finished bar up on social media (yet), but Heather did give her followers a sneak peak at the onyx (that is supposed to light up) and the wood that will go into making the most enviable bar imaginable.

12. A Ceiling Mirror

Based on the photo caption, I'm a little confused about whether this ceiling mirror is in her new house or the old one, but I bet Heather would have this feature in both.

13. A Smart Toilet

According to Heather's caption, this toilet "washes, dries, heats, and massages," so I'm sure that everyone is going to try this thing out when they visit Heather's house.

14. Ceiling Beams

There is no way that Heather would just have a plain, white ceiling. She is so into every detail of the house, that she even got up on the ladder herself to double check the measurements.

15. A Basement Courtyard

I didn't even know that a "basement courtyard" was a thing, but nothing surprises me about this house anymore. I am just wondering if Heather left the "Dubrow" carving in the cement or not. It's not upscale like the rest of her house, but it really is so cute and personal.

16. Limestone Floors

Even without furniture in these photos, I am still so jealous of this house. With floors this great, who even needs furniture? Well, I guess everyone needs furniture, but hopefully you get what I'm saying: the floors in this house are sick.

17. Several Lighting Options

Based on this photo, there will be four lighting options in the Dubrow home which is not at all surprising to me. I bet that there are even more options throughout the crib. I'm also loving the labels on each switch. How precise.

18. A Big Driveway

The extravagance isn't just inside the house; even the driveway at the Dubrow mansion is going to make you jealous.

19. New Mattresses

There's no way that Heather would move into a new home, but sleep on old mattresses. I'm sure she ended up picking the most comfortable and scientifically advanced mattress that she could find.

20. Etched Window Glass

This is the etched window glass that Heather was attempting to explain to Terry on RHOC. He didn't seem to understand her vision at the time (at all), but hopefully he gets it now that it's a reality. I love that she got her way on this one.

21. A Champagne Closet (Room?)

It's a little unclear to me if this giant display of champagne on the wall is just a storage closet for the bottles or if Heather actually has a whole room devoted to champagne, but this really beats out any fridge that I've ever seen in real life.

Heather \ is going to give all of the other Housewives some stiff competition when it comes to having the best house. I can't wait to the final photos...