What if 'The Bachelor' Were Black? Watch What Would Happen According to Funny or Die

The Bachelor has gotten a lot of flack lately for its backwards ways. The show's current contestant, Juan Pablo, has made homophobic comments, its host has spoken against having either a gay or an overweight Bachelor, and the show is known for its overwhelmingly white contestants. That's why it's both incredibly refreshing and funny to watch Funny or Die's prediction of what would happen if there was a black Bachelor.

It's certainly a nice change of pace to not have to watch another rose ceremony full of lily white women with bad highlights and Crest Whitestrips smiles. But what's even better is what happens next: none of the women receive roses, not because they're not offered, but because they outright refuse them. And all for good reason: these women realize that they're too smart for a guy whose claim to fame is playing football in college and who doesn't give a second thought to dating several women at once. It echoes the sort of disbelief that comes with watching The Bachelor. These women are beautiful and accomplished, they shouldn't need to find love on a dating show where they're expected to magically fall in love with a bland, good-looking dude in a few weeks. I would watch the hell out of this show — these women don't take shit from anyone.

And best of all, it ends on a moment of female solidarity and bonding. Margaritas, anyone?

Image: Funny or Die