Who is Alex Morgan's Husband? Servando Carrasco Is The Soccer Star's Biggest Fan

United States Women's National soccer team superstar, Alex Morgan, has the cutest and most amazing life. Before marrying her husband, Servando Carrasco in 2014, she had become one of the best soccer players in the world, tying goal and assist records with Mia Hamm. She's also one of the most popular celebrities in the sports world. Now she is happily married with a pup in their Orlando home. Oh, and Carrasco is a professional footballer too. That means every time you've said, "relationship goals!" until this moment was irrelevant.

Besides fitting like the perfect soccer cleat on a calloused foot, these two have an incredible bond that goes way beyond their looks and soccer skill. They work together on a lot of projects outside of their professional life, like taking political stances on important issues. Both of them use their social media accounts to perpetuate their views, like Equal Play, Equal Pay for equal pay for women's soccer teams, especially the U.S. Women's Soccer Team. Their Instagram accounts aren't just about their professional soccer careers, but shows the love of their two-year marriage is just as strong as ever. And, of course, Carrasco's support as husband of one of the best soccer players in the world is a humbling and adorable reminder of how great a relationship can really be.

So, who is this guy? And why exactly should we love him? I'll tell you.

He Loves Soccer As Much As She Does

Not only does he rock that purple jersey, but he is a great soccer player and a leader on his team, Orlando City Soccer Club. His time on the team has brought him lots of success in assists and getting his team to be one of the best in MLS, just like his wifey on the National team and the Orlando City SC Women's team.

He's A Sweetheart

Just look at him with their dog. Is this not the sweetest pic? He's not just a sweetheart with his pup, but any hubby that isn't embarrassed for a photo shoot with that pup is definitely a keeper.

And he has no shame in posting how much he loves his incredible wife.

He's All About Family

Between loving his immediate family and his in-laws, Carrasco's family love is undeniable. In an interview with MLS.com, he discussed how much his mother means to him and said, "Every day, I just try to be like [my mother]. She is kind, generous and compassionate, but she is also incredibly strong and independent. She is simply the most selfless person I have ever met." Sound familiar to anyone else we know? Cough, cough, his wife?

He Is Morgan's Ultimate Support System

With the important voice that Carrasco and Morgan have on social media, Carrasco shows his similar views to hers by completely supporting everything Morgan does and fights for, especially when it comes to gender equality and social injustices that affect his family life.

Carrasco Loves Morgan Unconditionally

Look at this sunset, kissy, lovely picture that Carrasco posted. Are they kidding me? He seems like the ultimate fun and sweet guy, loving life, loving his best friend, and understanding how lucky he is in life.

Whether he's supporting Morgan in her journey to the Rio Olympics or playing his own game on his own team, Carrasco is not just the sweetest guy but a super level-headed and loving human in general. His head is in the right place with Morgan on political issues, and his love for family, on and off the field, is something we can all aspire to. Even though he won't be traveling to Rio to play, you can bet he'll be there for Morgan, and you'll definitely want to follow him on Instagram to see all the cuteness and badass athleticism this summer.