Tara Lipinski's Hulu Figure Skating Series Will Get You In The Olympics Spirit

As much as I love all things Olympics, I know they're not for everyone — so I don't blame anyone who's not as excited for the summer Olympic games in Rio as much as I am. But, for those of you who don't count yourself as a medal-head (which is a word I just made up to refer Olympics fans) I have some good news: You can still get in the Olympic spirit thanks to Tara Lipinski’s new series on Hulu.

The former Olympian is partnering up with producer Michael Shamberg and writer Jonathan Igla to create a dramatic scripted series that shines a very bright light on the hard-fought world of Olympic figure skating. The series will focus on a group of women and men in their 20s who have given up their normal every day lives in order to compete in the winter Olympics. You know how it goes: Anything for that gold medal… and the fame that comes with it.

Personally, I love the fact that this show will provide viewers an inside look into the world of figure skating. I mean, that’s the best part of the Olympics, right? Seeing the behind-the-scenes drama and storylines unfold. So I’m happy to hear that in this new series, there will definitely be plenty of that. Lipinski gushed about the new project in a report in Deadline:

To the average observer, figure skating appears to be an extremely elegant and undeniably beautiful sport — and for good reason. But when you begin to peel back the layers of this world, a more complex, and even shocking, picture emerges… I want to paint an authentic picture of the highs and the lows and the price that some people pay to be part of this world. To me, skating has been portrayed as an inspiring Olympic sport or an over-the-top parody so this will be a version viewers may not have seen before.

Anyone else think that this series sounds like all the best parts of the Olympic games rolled into one? Sign me up, because I will definitely be watching when it’s released.