Tara & Johnny Are Winning The Derby

If you are reading this, then I officially welcome you to the 2016 Kentucky Derby. It's a magical time of year where hats are as revered as horses, the racetrack comes with a red carpet and, for once, I am enthusiastically participating in watching a televised sport. No, really, I love the Kentucky Derby. It provides the same amount of pomp and circumstance as the Super Bowl or the Olympics but it's full of horses and celebrities. Coincidentally, horses and celebrities are two things I enjoy watching on television more than sweaty, beefy-necked athletes in shoulder pads. Want to know what the best part of the Kentucky Derby is this year? Five words: Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir.

It's the third year that Lipinski and Weir are NBC's "fashion and lifestyle experts" for the Kentucky Derby — what did we do to deserve such a blessing? Lipinski and Weir are a perfect pairing, and they need to be in my life every day. Before heading to Rio this summer for the 2016 Olympics, the pair will be having a dress rehearsal at the Derby, and they are providing colorful fashion and culture commentary. To be perfectly honest, they're nailing it. Not only are they perfect for this wild yet refined world of horse-racing, they are hilarious to boot. Here are some of their most quotable lines thus far:

1. "I'm Bringin' 'My Little Pony' Realness Yo Kentucky."

Yes, Johnny. By all the power of Zeus, you are slaying with that crown and pink braid. Work!

2. "[Use The] Hashtag #WatchMeNeighNeigh, And Watch Lawrence Here Gallop Across Your Heart."

Johnny's brooch Lawrence is my everything. I am living for Lawrence. Or is it #LivingforLawrence?

3. "So Tuck In—" "Grab A Mint Julep—" "And Get Fancy Because It's Derby Day!"

Oh my god, yes. Johnny and Tara have literally just blessed my life with this proclamation. We up all night to get fancy.

4. "It’s Like A Game Of Pac-Man When You Watch The Ladies Try To Circulate Through Churchill Downs."

Tara is going to need to keep up with Johnny's quick observations. I bet it's really ridiculous trying to navigate the sea of crazy fascinators and wide brims. Fingers crossed nobody has lost an eye to one of those feathers.

5. “I Love Lani! He’s Japanese, He’s Got The Cherry Blossom In His Blood, And He’s Craaaaaazy!”

I'm starting to think this is Johnny's time to shine, because he is delivering one-liners all over the place. His astute observation on Lonnie is sincerely chuckle-worthy.

As the 2016 Kentucky Derby comes to a close, it looks like Johnny and Tara provided us with some super-fun quotes that we should all try and incorporate into our daily conversations. If this Derby coverage is anything to go by, in addition to the lovable reputation this duo have created for themselves, the 2016 Summer Olympics are going to be phenomenal.

Images: Giphy (4); originalmotionpicturesoundtrack/Tumblr