Is Michelle Fields At The RNC? The Journalist Has A Rough History With Donald Trump

Michelle Fields, the reporter who was allegedly dragged out of a Florida Trump rally by Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski last March, just posted some tweets that look like they were taken from the Republican National Convention, which tends to suggest that the Huffington Post reporter is there on the scene. But is Fields at the RNC? Update: Fields confirmed via Twitter on Wednesday afternoon that she is, in fact, at the RNC.

Fields, a former Fox News and Breitbart News contributor, who says Lewandowski rough handled her after she asked Trump a question concerning affirmative action, became a symbol of the chaos and threats to First Amendment rights that the Trump rallies were appearing to pose. Trump had a well-circulated media blacklist for his campaign events, which banned outlets such as The Washington Post, POLITICO, and The Huffington Post, but Fields was working for the Breitbart News Network, a conservative news agency, at the time. Charges filed against Lewandowski were later dropped, but Fields has insisted time and time again that she would have been satisfied with an admission of wrong doing and an apology from the Trump campaign.

Fields wouldn't be the only person skipping this year's RNC; plenty of prominent Republicans have decided to stay at home and watch from the sidelines, and I'm sure many journalists, too. But Fields wasn't one of them.


However, after enduring such a disastrous affair during her last encounter with Trump, it is interesting to see Fields back at work, undeterred and resilient, as she attends the RNC this week. Fields tweeted these from the RNC today:

The RNC, held this year at the Quicken Loans arena in Cleveland, Ohio, surpassed expectation in controversy when Melania Trump was accused of plagiarism for delivering a speech that was very similar to the one Michelle Obama delivered in 2008. Indeed, the games have begun. Let's just hope they stay clear of any rough handling or further scandal.