Jeffree Star's Makeup Is 100 Percent Vegan

Jeffree Star Cosmetics has long been a favorite of makeup artists and YouTube gurus. However, on Monday evening, beauty drama began between the brand's eponymous founder and Kat Von D that led many to ask is Jeffree Star makeup vegan? Here's what we know. Allegations have been made by Star's former friend Kat Von D regarding Star's relationship with the vegan community and his dedication to cruelty-free products. While questions may be raised about Star by Von D, his brand remains committed to creating vegan and cruelty-free products, according to the brand's website.

On Monday evening, the cosmetics world experienced an unexpected turn of events when Kat Von D took to her social media to disassociate herself from long-time friend Jeffree Star. The following day, Von D uploaded a video to her YouTube channel outlining her allegations against Star which seemed to include statements calling into question he and his brand's commitment to vegan and cruelty-free products. Von D alleges that Star himself is not vegan, promotes brands that aren't 100 percent cruelty-free, and most notable, she also seems to allege that Star's commitment to vegan and cruelty-free products is steeped in monetary gains.

The allegations being made are obviously serious to committed fans of Jeffree Star's makeup who care deeply about the ethics of brands they support. However, as for what we know, fans of the brand should have no concerns regarding whether or not the products they are purchasing are truly vegan and cruelty-free as they are clearly marked as such on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website.

Star has yet to respond to the specific allegations outlined in Von D's video, but as far as his brand is concerned, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is definitely cruelty-free and vegan according to the website. In the F.A.Q section, the brand even explicitly tells customers about their cruelty-free stance.

While Von D alleges that the brand's decision to go vegan and cruelty-free is monetary, Star has yet to address those rumors, and they are still unconfirmed. Also unconfirmed is whether or not Star himself is vegan and promotes products from brands that engage in animal testing. According to Star, however, those questions will be addressed soon.

As for now, if you were wondering if Jeffree Star makeup was vegan, the answer is yes. While the rationale has been called into question by Von D, fans of the brand concerned about their products seem to have nothing to worry about. You know, other than two incredibly talented people have parted way. Fingers crossed everything is resolved between these two moguls soon.

Images: Jeffree Star/Instagram