Who Is BJ Betts, The Alleged Jeffree Star Logo Illustrator? Here Are The Details

While everyone may be scrambling to learn as much as possible about the Kimye and Taylor Swift drama, beauty junkies have heir own feud going down on social media, and it seems to revolve around credit for artwork. So who is BJ Betts, the illustrator who allegedly did Jeffree Star's logo? According to Kat Von D's YouTube video posted on Tuesday, Star allegedly used artwork created for his makeup line without crediting or paying the artist, BJ Betts. None of this has been confirmed and has been denied by Star on Twitter, but things are definitely getting messy between two super talented cosmetics moguls.

Betts, the illustrator in question, is a friend of Von D's who she calls a "lettering and logo specialist" that she has used in the past. In fact, she uses his work now in her beauty chats but is quick to point out that she credits him each time he is used. According to Von D, the logos on Star's Velour Liquid Lipsticks were also designed by Betts, but Star has allegedly yet to pay the illustrator for his work.

Despite the online drama, Betts has remained quiet and has seemed to continue working through all the drama as a tattoo artist and graphic designer, according to his social media. He has yet to comment on Von D and Star's discussion of his involvement in their online spat.

Update: Betts has released a statement via his Twitter account, saying the dispute between Star and himself had been resolved.

As of press time, Star had only released a brief tweet regarding Betts' involvement in the feud telling fans that he and the artist are on good terms despite the "witch hunt mentality" he is facing. However, according to Star's Twitter, he doesn't intend to stay mum and instead plans to release a rebuttal later Tuesday evening.

While the pair seem to have had issues in the past, it's the issues surrounding Betts that seems to be the crux of the feud. Von D explains that she confronted Star via text message about his lack of payment for Betts' work and even reads text messages from the illustrator in her explanation video. While there seems to have been bad blood prior to these exchanges, Betts and his work for Star's brand appears to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Whether the allegations are true or not, Betts seems to have been thrown into the middle of an online feud. Whereever you fall in the Kat Von D and Jeffree Star falling out, fans of both moguls can agree that Betts is a talented artist who deserves all the recognition he'll soon be receiving as a result of the feud.

So if you were wondering who is BJ Betts, the illustrator who allegedly did Jeffree Star's logo, you know now. The talented tattoo artist is clearly admired by both Star and Von D, and if nothing else, at least everyone can agree about his talent.

Images: Jeffree Star/Instagram