How Much Is Ariana Grande's Sweet Like Candy Perfume? Fans Won't Be Surprised

There isn't much Ariana Grande can't do. From showcasing her hilarious acting skills on Scream Queens to belting it out on stage, she's ridiculously talented. She's even taken over the beauty world, and she's got a new perfume coming soon. So how much is Ariana Grande's Sweet Like Candy perfume? Fan won't be surprised by the price of their new favorite perfume.

Grande's latest scent is set to release exclusively at ULTA Tuesday night at midnight, and in what will probably no surprise to her fans, it's the same cost as her previous perfumes, ARI by Ariana Grande and Frankie by Ariana Grande. The singer's new perfume Sweet Like Candy rings in at $49 for a standard 1.7 ounce bottle making it one of the more reasonable quality perfumes on the market. While luxury brands ring in around the $60 mark, Sweet Like Candy's retail amount is definitely a doable price.

Plus, everyone knows that the scent is going to be a major hit. After all, ARI by Ariana Grande is a best seller and not just with fans of the singer. With plummeria, blackberry, marshmallow, and vanilla, Sweet Like Candy is sure to be a gorgeous smell perfect for floral and sweet loving perfume junkies. Plus, who doesn't want a perfume that's Grande approved?

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy, $49, ULTA

If you're familiar with Grande's first perfume, the packaging for Sweet Like Candy will also look familiar. With its gemstone themed bottle and classic puff, it's definitely an ode to her original scent. However, it's solid outer layer and baby pink color differentiate it.

If you're a fan of Ariana Grande and especially if you're a fan of her already existing perfume, Sweet Like Candy is going to come as a delicious addition to your collection. If you were worried about how much Ariana Grande's Sweet Like Candy costs, with a price ringing in around $49, it may not be cheap, but it won't break your bank. So what are you waiting for?

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