Is Ariana Grande's Unisex Fragrance Sold Out?

Well, that was quite a surprise! Ariana Grande just launched her unisex Frankie fragrance with little fanfare, opting to debut the gender-inclusive scent, named after her big brother, in low key fashion. It's the second scent in her perfume portfolio so far and she opted not to do a standard, flashy launch. Instead, the singer, who just launched her MAC VIVAGLAM products and campaign, consisting of a matte plum lipstick and bubblegum pink Lip Glass, took to social media to spread the word with a twist. She didn't spent a month teasing fans and stoking the fires of anticipation for her latest olfactory offering and fans reacted with glee! So, did Grande's new fragrance sell out or can you get your hands on it?

There is good news! You can purchase the Frankie fragrance, which comes housed in a super stylin' bottle that looks like a hybrid of a discoball and a spaceship, thanks to its pyramid-like construction, right now.

The limited edition scent is available exclusively online at Ulta, so you better point, click, and shop sooner than later. Since both males and females can wear it, stock might move more quickly, as it is doubly appealing to a wider consumer base. Frankie has notes go pink pepper, wild orchid, apricot, cedarwood and musk, so it sounds divine.

The bottle also has a black pom pom attached! Isn't it darling? It's a fragrance for everyone and isn't adhering to any sort of gender lines or boundaries. That makes it even more special.

Grande also let the scent's namesake —her big bro!— make the reveal on his own Instagram. Clearly, this limited edition scent is something she takes seriously and isn't relying on the standard and expected methods of promoting it, like magazine ads and teasers.

She is doing it directly and on the ground level and that really speaks to people.

This launch actually reminds me of Lady Gaga's equally quiet launch of her unisex fragrance. I took it for a test drive with the boys to weigh its unisex-ness.

Grande and Gaga both opted to be more "street" with their launches and there's nothing wrong with being unpredictable and letting buzz grow organically.

Right now, you can only (and still) shop the Frankie frag online at Ulta. Will this $49 scent make its way to brick and mortar? Stay tuned.

Image: Courtesy Ulta (1); Franke Grande/Instagram (2)