What Does Ariana Grande's Sweet Like Candy Perfume Smell Like? It Has Lots Of Sugary Notes

You can totally indulge your sweet tooth with another sense and a scent. OK, enough with the riddles — let's do this. Coquettish pop queen Ariana Grande just dropped her new perfume Sweet Like Candy. The name and the notes are insanely sugary and this fragrance is an olfactory confection. The decadent Sweet Like Candy comes in a globe-shaped, diamond-cut bottle dipped in a matte pink coating — think a cake pop. What does Ariana Grande's Sweet Like Candy smell like?

Well, it's a sweet, fruity, and juicy, since the perfume has notes of sugar-frosted blackberry, marshmallow, vanilla, and creamy cashmere woods. It's delish, minus all of those pesky, empty cals!

Other notes include Italian Bergamot, Pear, and Creme de Cassis. Mmmm!

You can grab a bottle of Sweet Like Candy at Ulta locations as of Wednesday, July 20. The scent is $59 for the biggest bottle, with additional products ranging from $49 to $20.

In addition to the matte top coat, the bottle is accented by a pink pouf. The packaging totally fits Grande's ultra feminine aesthetic. The bottle will also look so sweet and chic sitting on your dresser or wherever you store your scents.

The Sweet Like Candy Collection also includes a hair mist and a roller ball version. Because good-smelling air is also a "must."

The bottle is decadently kittenish. It's sweet and sexy, just like the scent's creator. The bottle and the notes are a mix of warm and playful. My mouth is starting to water over here. For realz.

Everything about this perfume, from the packaging to the fluffy, cotton candy pink color of the bottle to the notes, sounds utterly delightful.

Oh, and ICYMI: Grande's second VIVA GLAM collection for MAC is on its way, as well. The products land in September. It's been a busy beauty year for A. Grande with her MAC collections and her fragrances. She is certainly erecting an empire.

Images: Courtesy of Ulta (1); Ariana Grande/Instagram (1)