Tiffany Trump Says Donald Didn't Care About Her Grades, Focusing On This Instead

One night after his wife spoke at the Republican National Convention, one of Donald Trump's daughters took to the stage to speak on his behalf. The woman of the hour was 22-year-old Tiffany Trump. And I know what you're wondering ... Nothing in her speech sounded like anything Malia or Sasha has ever said, so we should be safe. Trump's daughter endorsed him on a personal level more than anything, emphasizing how she says he has encouraged her to be her best, celebrating accomplishments "no matter how big or how small." But one detail may leave you wondering: Does Donald Trump really not care about grades?

The choice quote in Tiffany's speech about grades came in the context of fatherly encouragement and confidence-building. The University of Pennsylvania graduate said that her father has always helped her be the best version of herself "by encouragement and by example." She said this is the way he is. "He draws out the talent and drive in people so that they can achieve their full potential," she said. "That’s a great quality to have in a father, and better yet, in the president of the United States." Then she went on to give one example, explaining Donald's pride in her schooling over the years:

I still keep all of my report cards, some dating back to kindergarten, because I like to look back and see the sweet notes he wrote on each and every one of them. Contrary to what you might expect from someone who places an emphasis on results, my dad's comments referred often to the sentiments expressed by my teachers about how I acted in and out of the classroom — just not even focusing on the letter grades themselves.
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So, "just not even focusing on the letter grades themselves" at first glance might make it seem as though grades were not important. Instead, given the context, it sounds more like Trump focused on the written feedback to encourage Tiffany, instead of just pushing for all As. She also explained that she likes to introduce her friends to Donald because "they meet a man with natural charm and no facade." Her endorsement of the "the strong, protective, kind, endearing man" whom she sees seemed heartfelt and original.

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Tiffany did not grow up with Donald in Manhattan. She is the single Trump child from his second marriage, to Marla Maples. She spent her formative years in Los Angeles, flying in for appearances with the family on CNN or The Today Show, according to Romper. In an interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she described her childhood as being raised by "a single mom," although influenced by the morals of both her mother and father.

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Now that she's graduated, Tiffany can move on to her next project. She said in her speech that many of her "accomplishments are still to come," given her age. She toyed with being a pop singer before heading to university. No word yet on what her next step will be, but you can always follow her on Instagram if you want.