11 Iconic Garry Marshall Movie Moments, Including That 'Princess Diaries' Makeover

In tragic news, Garry Marshall passed away on Tuesday, July 19, after complications from pneumonia that came on after he suffered a stroke. Marshall was a giant in the pop culture sphere, having created the definitive sitcom of the '70s, Happy Days; launched the careers of Hollywood superstars like Julia Roberts and Demi Moore; and even finding the time to come up with the phrase "to jump the shark" (which, if you're not familiar with the story, was inspired by Fonzie jumping over a shark in waterskis in the fifth season of Happy Days). But it's his film legacy that fans might remember him best from, and the 11 iconic Marshall movie moments below will remind you of how much of an impact he had on the big screen.

While Marshall was much-loved and celebrated for his sitcom creations, which included popular programming like The Dick Van Dyke Show and Mork and Mindy, his real genius, in my opinion, was in directing films with some seriously iconic scenes. It's no coincidence that when you think of drama-filled weddings, you think of The Runaway Bride, or when you think of sex work's portrayal by Hollywood, Pretty Woman is the first film to come to mind. Marshall was second to none in developing key moments in each of his films that would stick out in your mind. Let's explore some of his most iconic.

1. When Jeffrey Discovers Brody Is Cheating At Cards In The Flamingo Kid

When working class Jeffrey (Matt Dillon) gets the opportunity to work as a cabana stewart at an exclusive beach club, he can't wait to rub shoulders with the rich and beautiful. It's not long before he finds a father figure, the ever-lucky Brody, who can't seem to lose a card game and starts ignoring his own father's advice to work hard and try and get into college. But in one key scene, while watching a card game, Jeffrey suddenly realizes that the club regular Big Sid has been giving Brody signals and that Brody isn't smart, just crooked.

2. When David Learns He Must Support His Aging Father In Nothing In Common

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David was Don Draper before Don Draper: an advertising executive who operates best moving unencumbered through life. So imagine his dread at discovering, as the scene above shows, that his father has lost his job and he'll have to support him. The scene is all the more emotional knowing that actor Jackie Gleason, who plays David's father Max, was suffering from terminal cancer and this was the final film he would ever shoot.

3. When Joanna Regains Her Memory In Overboard

After going overboard, spoiled, rich wife Joanna Stayton suffers from amnesia and is tricked by a former employee of hers into working off her debt for a bill she never paid him in her meaner, wealthier incarnation. But when she sees her husband Grant, her memory is suddenly jogged, giving us the immortal line, "Money! I have money! I have lots of money! I even have some in Switzerland!"

4. When C.C. And Hillary Talk It Out In Beaches

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See 1:19 in the video above, since sadly there's no exact clip of this available on Youtube. After a lifetime of friendship, the two women have had their share of disputes, including a fight over one man, John. But in one memorable scene, the duo are finally honest with each other. Hillary explains she's always envied C.C.'s charisma, while C.C. concedes she's always been jealous of Hillary's looks and intelligence. Somebody pass me the tissues.

5. When The Snooty Sales Assistant Gets Shut Up In Pretty Woman

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"You work on commission, right? Big mistake. Huge. I have to go shopping now." The line we've all dreamed of trotting out to a snooty sales assistant.

6. When They Finally Kiss In Pretty Woman

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Yes, I'm including not one but two iconic scenes from Pretty Woman because I'm not made of stone, OK? In this one, you know that Vivian is completely, totally, head over heels in love with Edward because she finally kisses him on the mouth, something she says she typically doesn't do.

7. When The Wedding Gets Narrated In Runaway Bride

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What better metaphor is there for the way Maggie Carpenter's multiple attempts at getting married have become the town's most popular spectator sport than this church scene (shown at the beginning of the trailer above), where her friend narrates her approach down the aisle like it's a sports match?

8. When Mia Gets A Makeover In The Princess Diaries

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Who doesn't love a makeover scene? Sure, this one is a bit intense, but the execution of the scene (including Paolo's little shriek of horror upon meeting the princess at the beginning) is wonderful, melding comedy and sentimentality in one fell swoop.

9. When Jenny Can't Stop Being The Mom In Raising Helen

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When teen Audrey ends up ditching her prom to go hook up with a guy in a hotel room, her aunt Helen should be the one who intervenes (sadly, Audrey's mother Lindsay had passed away in a car crash). But Helen can't stand how much Audrey is going to hate her, and so she hands over the reins to her sister Jenny, who busts into the hotel room and sends Audrey to her car. Although Jenny gives Audrey's young paramour a good ticking off, she can't quite resist delivering the ultimate mom line to him.

10. When Mia Goes To Fashion Heaven In The Princess Diaries 2

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That jewellery collection. The walk in mall. All of it. #want

11. When Halle Berry Skypes Her Husband In New Year's Eve

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You guys, nothing makes me weep more than Nurse Aimee (Halle Berry) getting all dressed up like she's about to go out on New Year's Eve and then, instead, Skyping her husband serving abroad in Afghanistan. It's just too much.

We're all going to miss Marshall so much. for his warmth, his humor, and his desire to put women at the center of so much of his work. But above all, for his talent for crafting absolutely unforgettable scenes.

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