'The Tomorrow People': How to Trust, Tomorrow People-Style

There are a lot of trust issues on The Tomorrow People, which isn't really surprising. The protagonist is, after all, the world's worst double agent, and most of the plot is built on transparent lies. This week, in "The Enemy of My Enemy," trust was the theme. There were three instances of trust exercises, some more successful than others.

Stephen and Jedikiah

First, World's Worst Double Agent Stephen pouted (as he's wont to do) to his uncle/boss Jedikiah about the latter's lack of trust in him. Hashtag: Dramatic Irony, much? Jed is able to sum up his philosophy on trust without even accusing Stephen of his obvious double agentry.

"You don't have an explosive in your head."

The other dude, the one Jed is trusting, does have such a device and Jed's in control of it. Meaning, by his logic, Not Stephen has a lot more motivation to do exactly what Jedikiah wants. Also though, let's just lawl a little more at Stephen pouting about the lack of trust. It's so fun to watch him throw stones all around his glass house.

John and Cara

Last week, John rebuffed Cara's offer to come back to the TP lair after she messed up horribly by kicking him out. This week, they're learning to love again (there's a passionate make out sesh and everything) and to trust each other. Unfortunately, Cara has never given anyone any reason to ever trust her judgment. Ever.

Let's review some of her choices. She befriend Stephen. She brought Stephen to the TP. She encouraged Stephen's double agent plan. She slept with Stephen. She stole leadership from John, despite her lack of leadership skills. She planned rash moves for the TP that almost got them all killed and/or captured by Ultra. She kicked John out of the TP lair.

She's made really, really bad decisions.

Until this week. The series decided to redeem her, presumably to validate John's decision to return to the fold and share leadership with her, by having her craft a plan that actually, for once, worked. My theory is now that John is the master of the universe and his saying things make them so. He said Cara had good ideas and could be a leader with him, so now she is those things. It's definitely either that or lazy writing. One of the two.

Stephen and TIM/John & Cara and TIM/John and Astrid

At the end of the episode, when Stephen has returned from barely pretending to work for Ultra and is looking for John and Cara, the TP's AI computer, TIM. TIM tells Stephen that he does know where John and Cara are but that he can't tell him. When Stephen asks why, he says they went somewhere to have privacy and manages to wink with his computer voice and make it obvious that sexy time is happening. Stephen seems mostly unaffected, but vows out loud to never trust TIM with his secrets.

John and Cara should probably get TIM under control before he goes all Hal on the TP lair, but that's another story (that will, sadly, probably never happen). The biggest trust violation here is between John and Astrid, who have been flirting like there's no tomorrow (and no Cara). She seems to think there's a thing there and I'm guessing we'll see some teenage tears when she realizes he's back on Cara.

Image: The CW