This Food Blogging Dog Is Cute Enough To Eat

Had enough of scrolling through filtered picture after picture of french toast post-brunch every Saturday? We all know Instagram is overrun with arty snaps of drool-worthy food, but there is one tasty ‘gram that'll have you licking your chops and it belongs to (drum roll please) Popeye the food blogging dog. Technically, I guess it belongs to Popeye's owner... but all the same, you need to treat yourself to this ‘gram because it is total adorable perfection.

The new Insta-celeb is a rescue pup from Los Angeles, California named Popeye. His owner, Ivy Diep, found him in January of 2014 and the adorable mutt tugged at her heartstrings. "I found him as a stray. He was such a mess — super skinny, heavily matted, dirty," Ivy told Bored Panda. Ivy wasn’t looking to add another dog to the mix, but since nobody else would take him in, she decided to bring him home. "It wasn't long before he made himself at home at my place with my other dogs. And of course, my husband and I fell in love [with him]." Not only did the once stray win over his new family, in a few short years he has conquered social media as well.

Ivy was convinced by her friend Jen to start an Instagram for Popeye, but she wanted to put her own twist on it and do something a little different with the pics. "Jen and I like to go on what we call 'Instagram dates' where we would try different restaurants and take Instagram pictures of our food," Ivy told ABC News. "I would bring Popeye to any of the pet-friendly places, and we realized how good he was around food. He would sit still for photos."

It’s not hard to see why this foodie cutie already has over 40,000 followers. While Popeye is remarkably well behaved, a little bribe works wonder to convince the pooch to pose for the camera. "We always carry a bag of his favorite treats as well," Ivy told ABC News. "He's usually not really into the food anyway. He just likes to be out and about — people watching and to bark at any other dog that walks by." The social dog also has a closet full of tiny outfits to match his meals! Ivy told ABC News that she finds most of his stylish accessories on Amazon: "He wears clothes pretty well."

Looking at these pics, I don’t know what makes me more jealous: the dog or the food. Check out popeyethefoodie's Instagram and see which pic is your fave!

Food blogger necessities: Flannel shirt? Check. Latte foam art? Check.

I always like my fries with a side of adorable.

The woodsy bandana and fried chicken for the win!

Popeye never misses a chance to dress up for a date.

How can you make kawaii food even more cute? Just add a derpy dog face!

Pooch + Panda Doughnut = Is this what heaven looks like?

Hungover at a Sunday brunch like...

He makes a juice cleanse look almost yummy!

Popeye The Sailor Dog (with the requisite side of spinach).

We can't wait to see what kind of epicurean adventures are next for this polished pooch!

Images: popeyethefoodie/Instagram