Photos Of Marcedes Lewis & Olivia Pierson Off 'WAGS' Are Hard To Find

Until things get locked up with a diamond ring, the cast members on WAGS don't normally boast about their relationships. Instead, they keep things somewhat casual, like Olivia and her boyfriend, Jacksonville Jaguars player Marcedes Lewis. But, if you're curious about how the couple are doing post-WAGS Season 2, unfortunately, there aren't many pictures of Olivia Pierson and Marcedes Lewis available, even though multiple appearances on the season confirm that these two are clearly dating. Actually, they've appeared together on WAGS Season 1 and Season 2, from their first date until their relationship deepened to the point where it's exclusive, and Tia Shipman casually flirting with Marcedes was decidedly not OK with Olivia and her friends.

Even though their relationship is getting more serious, their social media PDA is not. Despite appearing on a television show side by side, Olivia and Marcedes have yet to post a selfie together, a picture where they're kissing, or a sappy caption about how much they love one another. These two aren't super into broadcasting their relationship through a ton of photos — but if you've been following them, you can puzzle out a few things about their relationship from the pictures they post.

Their Long Distance Arrangement

Another thing that might stop them from taking tons of photos together is that Marcedes is based in Florida for his position on the Jaguars while Olivia is usually in California, where WAGS is filmed.

They're Both Trying To Make The World A Better Place

When he isn't training or working on the football season, Marcedes is usually promoting some form of charity. And while it might be small, Olivia's post about Black Lives Matter is a lot farther than a lot of other celebrities are willing to go.

They're Both Sports Fans

In addition to playing football, Marcedes seems to be a big basketball fan, while Olivia and her crew went to an LA Dodgers baseball game recently. A small hint that this couple may have even more in common.

Olivia's Girls' Time

In lieu of dating other people, it looks like Olivia spends her time out with her best friend and cousin Natalie and her sister Sophia, who both appear on WAGS with her.

And, Marcedes' Group Of Guys

And like Olivia, Marcedes isn't hanging out with a bunch of single women on his nights off. It looks like her spends most of his non-work time with friends instead.

Olivia May Be Going To See Him

This picture of Olivia and Natalie toasting midair could just be a trip between friends, or it could possibly be a trip for the two to go visit Marcedes.

Marcedes May Be Giving Out Some Gifts

What's a typical boyfriend-girlfriend gift? Flowers, of course, and Olivia posted that these white roses are her favorites. It's possible that she decided to treat herself, but the only thing missing to attribute these as a sweet gift is a syrupy sweet hashtag.

While Olivia Pierson and Marcedes Lewis might not post a lot of photos together, that doesn't mean that there aren't hints embedded in their non-romantic photos that show that this WAGS couple have a very cute relationship.