How To Tell You've Been Verified On Twitter

At this point, you've probably heard that Twitter is now allowing users to apply for verification, meaning your profile is going to look super legit if you make it through the process and get accepted. But with this exciting update comes a number of questions: How do you apply? How strict are they in approving people? How do you know you're verified on Twitter in the first place?

This last question actually has a few answers. You will see, at a minimum, at least one change to your Twitter account: That stunning blue and white checkmark will appear next to your name. That's one sexy checkmark. Beyonce has that checkmark. Emma Watson has that checkmark. Bustle has that checkmark. Be like Bustle.

But there are other ways to tell if you've been verified by Twitter. At the end of the application process (which is short and sweet), the Twitter support page on verification says that you'll get an email with the final decision. I'm still patiently waiting for mine. I'm guessing it'll say something like, "We're so sorry for not verifying you earlier. You're awesome." Fingers crossed. (If your verification is not accepted, by the way, you can apply again 30 days after receiving the email with the initial verdict. So, at least there's that.)

Finally, there are a couple of additional settings for verified Twitter accounts. For starters, they give you extra filters in your notifications tab that let you view them by "All," "Mentions," and "Verified." We boring, non-verified people only have "All" and "People you follow." Zzz. Secondly, there's a setting that lets you opt out of group Direct Messages.

You also might receive an @ mention in a tweet from this glorious account, which congratulates people on getting verified by sending them a delightful applause GIF:

So, if you notice any of these changes on your Twitter account, congratulations and give yourself a pat on the back: You've been verified. If you haven't heard back, just be patient. If you heard back and were denied, I promise the pain will pass.

I think this is an awesome update to Twitter, especially considering the platform has been experimenting with all sorts of changes in an attempt to acquire more users. Verified accounts carry this special badge of authenticity, and it gives a sense of security to people browsing those pages. I certainly need to be verified so that when people read tweets about my dog and coffee, they know that it's, like, really me talking, and not one of my PR people or a fan's account anything.