Is Barron Trump At The Republican Convention? The Youngest Child Might Be Feeling A Bit Left Out — UPDATE

The GOP convention is now in its third day, and there's already been a lot of drama. It's also been a national audience's introduction to the Trump family, whether you're talking about Melania, Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany, or Donald Jr. We've already seen those four of GOP nominee Donald Trump's children on the scene at the RNC, as well as his wife, and all five will have given speeches by the time the convention end. But what about the youngest Trump kid? Will Barron Trump be at the Republican National Convention this year?

Barron is 10 years old, the only child of Melania and Donald — the other Trump children are from the real estate magnate's previous marriages, to Ivana Trump in 1977, and Marla Maples in 1993. He's the only of Trump's children to still be, well a child — Donald Jr. is the oldest of the clan at 38, while the second-youngest is Tiffany at 22.

Update: Barron Trump was spotted walking into the RNC with father Donald and mother Melania on the final night of the convention, about 40 minutes before Mr. Trump was expected to deliver his nomination acceptance speech. The trio arrived via motorcade.

Earlier: As of yet, there has been no sight of Barron at the Republican National Convention. He was also notably absent from the first photo of the Trump and Pence families together, though that generated less attention than the fact that his mom wasn't there, either.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Needless to say, with all of the other kids getting sweet speaking roles, young Barron might be feeling a little let down by this — plenty of people on social media are wondering where he's at, too. How long until the Trump family lets a budding star meet his public?

Alas, for the time being, it seems like the youngest Trump is staying away from the spotlight. It does make a kind of sense, though, him only being 10 and all. But his brothers and sisters are around to fill the void — Donald Jr. and Tiffany have already given their speeches to the assembled crowd at the RNC, and Eric and Ivanka are yet to come.

Perhaps needless to say, Ivanka is the real star of the Trump children, being the most charismatic and well-regarded of the lot, and that's reflected by her prime-time speaking slot — she'll be going up on Thursday night, in advance of her father's big acceptance speech. If Barron's ever going to make an appearance, you'd figure it'd be then. But rest assured: even though any of you who're clamoring for a glimpse of eventual 2042 Republican presidential nominee Barron Trump might be disappointed, there's still some intrigue and anticipation left in Cleveland.