Why 'Full House's Joey Gladstone Is The Kind Of Best Friend Everyone Should Have

There are various friendships that Full House portrayed over the years which were totally commendable. The one that first comes to my mind is, of course, the infamous friendship between annoying next door neighbor, Kimmy Gibbler, and the eldest Tanner kid, DJ Tanner. But while the girls may have gotten more shine for their quirky connection, there is a far more real friendship in the show, one that goes somewhat unnoticed. Full House's Joey Gladstone is the kind of best friend everyone should have, and I'm here to tell you why.

Unlike Uncle Jesse, Joey had no blood ties to Danny or the girls. So, while Jesse's part in helping his brother-in-law take care of the girls is commendable, it makes Joey's sacrifice that much greater. Because even though Joey may have gotten room and board out of the deal, he gave up a lot more in the scheme of things in order to lend his friend a much-needed hand in a time of crisis. Joey isn't often taken seriously, being a stand up comedian and all, but his friendship is the one to which all others should be compared. And, I think it's high time he got credit for his incomparable companionship.

Here is why Joey Gladstone is the kind of best friend that everyone should have, bad jokes or not:

He'll Uproot His Life For You

I mean, it's pretty big that he was willing to uproot his life for Danny — even if he did bring a total mess along with him. Beggars can't be choosers, you know?

He'll Help You Raise Your Kids


Is there a more noble act as a friend then moving in with your recently widowed pal and agreeing to treat his three young children as your own? I think not.

He's Loyal


Impossibly so. There isn't a person more dedicated to Danny — someone who didn't have any obligation to be — than him.

He'll Make You Laugh


... eventually.

He's A Good Sport


Despite being a jokester, Joey was the butt of many jokes himself, but he was always cool with it. In fact, he and Jesse didn't exactly get along at the start, but Joey's good-natured ways turned that all around.

You'll Never Be Bored With Him Around


Sure, you may be annoyed by him from time to time, but he's a guy who keeps you young and on your toes.

His Friendship Is Enduring


From elementary school to the grave, he's been Danny's ride or die.

Most Importantly, He Doesn't Peace Out When Your Kids Wreck His Car (And The House)

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Joey Gladstone, patron saint of friends. His patience, grace, and kindness are unmatched. Personally? I would have sent Stephanie to live with the circus after the incident above.

So, before you side eye Joey for his puppet mastery, his corny catch phrases, and his questionable fashion choices, look beyond the surface. Joey is great friend and an even better person, and we could honestly learn a lot from that kind of devotion.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Full House Forever/YouTube