16 One-Hit Wonder Songs That Everyone Should Revisit

Every now and then, a new song comes along that becomes so popular and so loved that the world goes absolutely crazy for it. Well, they go absolutely crazy for it, and then they become absolutely sick of it. This, my friends, is the plight of the one-hit wonder, a song so popular that people play it on repeat for weeks and months at a time, only to grow sick of it and, unfairly, the artist who performed it. Or, in more technical terms, a one-hit wonder is a performer or band who achieve instant popularity only once over the span of their careers. It’s the fate every musician must secretly dread, but it doesn’t mean that these artists and their songs aren’t still worthy of being recognized. Because there are a lot of one-hit wonder songs that everyone should appreciate, even now.

Being a one-hit wonder really isn’t anything to be ashamed of, and these artists prove it. After all, the work they produced had its moment in the sun. What artist doesn’t want that? Plus, these are some one-hit wonders that, regardless of what happened to the artists that performed them, definitely deserve to be listened to again.

1. “Just A Friend” — Biz Markie

RHINO on YouTube

I’m pretty sure this song marked the advent of the “Friendzone.”

2. “Nothing Compares 2 U” — Sinead O’Connor

Nick Macchiavelli on YouTube

A song that has gotten so many broken-hearted through breakups and breakdowns.

3. “Groove Is In The Heart” — Deee-Lite

RHINO on YouTube

Sure, this song is mostly fun and frivolous, but it’s a huge joy maker, and there’s nothing wrong with loving that.

4. “I Touch Myself” — Divinyls

DivinylsVEVO on YouTube

Let us pay homage to the song that first made self-pleasure not only popular, but public domain.

5. “Walking In Memphis” — Marc Cohn

This is such a classic, it makes me sad that nothing else Cohn ever wrote gained such notoriety.

6. “I’m Too Sexy” — Right Said Fred

Radial by The Orchard on YouTube

Struggling with insecurities? Worried about how you look? This song is the perfect one for you.

7. “Baby Got Back” — Sir Mix-A-Lot

This one is a total classic, so classic that Nicki Minaj brought it back to the spotlight with "Anaconda."

8. “Life Is A Highway” — Tom Cochrane

TomCochraneVEVO on YouTube

The ultimate metaphor for every stage of your life, there isn’t a wrong time to listen to this song.

9. “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” — Deep Blue Something

DeepBlueSthingVEVO on YouTube

Because it will remind you of being young and in love and at every single middle school dance.

10. “Wonderwall” — Oasis

Oasis on YouTube

The fact that Oasis never reached this level of fame again is totally a shame. I thought those brothers were going to go far.

11. “Mother Mother” — Tracy Bonham

TracyBonhamVEVO on YouTube

Not gonna lie, this song is still my favorite to scream-sing in the car. (Love you, mom.)

12. “Bitch” — Meredith Brooks

MeredithBrooksVEVO on YouTube

This may have been a one-hit wonder, but this song also made women around the world take back this derogatory term and own it for themselves.

13. “The Middle” — Jimmy Eat World

JimmyEatWorldVEVO on YouTube

For any point in your life where transition and change looms large, you’re going to want to revisit this song. It has become my theme song for tough times.

14. “Whine Up” — Kat DeLuna

katdelunaVEVO on YouTube

Every day is a perfect day to revisit this one-hit wonder, but, if I had my way, I’d throw myself a private dance party and rock out to this song all by myself.

15. “That’s Not My Name” — The Ting Tings

TheTingTingsVEVO on YouTube

This song was recent enough that I’m holding out hope for another from the Ting Tings.

16. “Bulletproof” — La Roux

LaRouxVEVO on YouTube

Later made even more popular by Pitch Perfect, this song is worth keeping around for when you need a reminder to feel strong and empowered.

These one-hit wonders are worth so much more than to be simply left in the past. They are hits that deserve to be kept around for generations to come.