This Could Be In Karrueche Tran x ColourPop

ColourPop Cosmetics is totally slaying the cosmetics game right now. With the upcoming release of their Ultra Glossy Lips on Thursday, the brand is full of exciting happenings, and that includes a new collaboration with Karrueche Tran. So what's in ColourPop X Karrueche Tran Part 2's collection? Here's what we know. There have been several Snapchat and Instagram posts regarding the brand and Tran's second collaboration, and each includes lippies. While the original KaePop collection included eyeshadows, a blush, and highlight, so far, what we know is that we're definitely getting lippies. However, they're a bit different than last time around.

During KaePop Part 1, Tran and ColourPop most notably worked on the brand's classic matte liquid lipsticks and created shades that had been off the charts popular. For the second collaboration, many would expect the brand to pursue the same course of action, but instead, they're switching it up. The ColourPop X Karrueche Tran Part 2 collection seems to include four new glosses!

Tran creating glosses actually makes total sense given the brand's launch of the Ultra Glossy Lip on Thursday. Tran is simply joining the party ahead of time. While Tran's lippies won't be in the initial launch, adding a celebrity collab to the new products is a bomb call, especially when the glosses look as gorgeous as the new ones from Tran.

In a sneak peek shown on Snapchat, fans of the brand get to see exactly what's in ColourPop X Karrueche Tran Part 2. Basically, it's a gorgeous collection that hearkens back to her original matte work with the brand. ColourPop has already given us a look at one of them during a photoshoot with Tran via SnapChat.

In the image, Tran can be seen rocking a gorgeous nude gloss as she poses for what I can only assume is her new campaign for the brand.

In another photo posted to Instagram, Trans looks fierce as hell in a darker gloss that's practically perfect on her.

The four glosses — Stain, Lychee Me, Fudg'd, and Saigon — are all gorgeous colors sure to make fans of the brand happy. The different finish is definitely a departure from the old collection.

So, if you've been wondering what is in the Karrueche Tran X ColourPop Collection Part 2, you now know it's a set of stunning glosses.

Images: ColourPopCosmetics/Snapchat