Are ColourPop & Karrueche Tran Teaming Up Again? The Brands Latest Collab Might Involve A Familiar Face

ColourPop is back at it again with the fabulous collabs, but this time it might be with a familiar face. Karrueche and ColourPop may have teamed up again to bring you even more gorgeous products. While the exact collection is still a secret, their Snapchats are giving some awesome hints. Get ready for some fall lip colors, people!

Just weeks after launching their KathleenLights collab and announcing their new Ultra Glossy Lip, ColourPop is at it again. I'm completely convinced that this company never sleeps. They showed behind-the-scenes of their most recent photoshoot on their Snapchat, and they gave away a few more details in the process. The first is that there are more Ultra Matte Lips on the way! The second is that it appears to be a second collaboration with Karrueche Tran again. Although this is all just social media speculation, it's definitely something to get excited about.

While not all the details have been announced, the four new Ultra Matte Lips showed on ColourPop and Karrueche's Snapchats look absolutely gorgeous. The colors seem to stick to the same tones that the first KaePop collection had in it, but with a little bit more brightness. They appear to range from bright red to a classic nude that looks somewhat similar to Kylie Jenner's Exposed Lip Kit without being identical. But don't just take my word for it, see for yourself via Karrueche and ColourPop's Snaps.

If this doesn't get you excited, then I don't know what will. The names are Stain, Lychee Me, Fudg'd, and Saigon, according to Karrueche's photo. From one look the color selection, it's clear to see how she could have created them.

This photo came from ColourPop. It shows that at least two of them are Ultra Matte Lips. Seeing as the lipsticks that Karrueche created with the brand before are the same formula, it wouldn't surprise me if she was at it again. Here's everything in her original KaePop collection, so you can get to shopping while you wait for more information.

1. Chi

Ultra Matte Lip in Chi, $6,

This liquid lipstick and matching liner is my absolute favorite ColourPop color. It's nude and bold all at the same time.

2. Kae

Ultra Matte Lip in Kae, $6,

A deep warm yellow-brown, this is a super unique color.

3. Rooch

Ultra Matte Lip in Rooch, $6,

The third is this gorgeous warm wine color, which would be perfect for any season.

4. KaePop

KaePop Shadow Collection, $20,

She even created her very own eyeshadow collection.

5. Flush'd

Flush'd, $8,

She even created one of the basics, a gorgeous rusty-peach toned matte blush.

6. Glo Up

Glo Up, $8,

Karrueche is one of the only collabs that include a highlight as well.

7. Bronze Me

Bronze Me, $8,

Finish the whole KaePop look with a warm, matte bronzer.

I didn't think it could get much better than this, but apparently it maybe can!

Images: colourpopco/Instagram (1), karrueche/Snapchay (1), (7)