Mariah Carey Receives The Giving Me Life Achievement Award On The Bravos & She's Totally Entertaining

When I heard that Andy Cohen was launching The Bravos, also known as an awards show to give out statuettes to the many reality stars that make up his network, I just figured all of the Bravolebrities would show up and that would be that. Little did I know that a few real celebrities would make an appearance, too! Susan Lucci of All My Children and Devious Maids fame presented an award to Southern Charm’s Patricia Altschul, but most importantly, Mariah Carey received the Giving Me Life Achievement Award from Andy Cohen at the 2016 Bravos.

I had forgotten just how many times that Carey had been on Bravo — she’s made a myriad of appearances on Watch What Happens Live over the years, each more entertaining than the next. Remember when she couldn’t say anything nice about Nicki Minaj? And she turned a conversation about Eminem into a talk about the candy? And when she cleared up the “I don’t know her” thing about Jennifer Lopez, but not really? Mariah Carey is such a great star to interview because she’s so smart — she says hilarious things about other celebrities, but she does it with a smile on her face so it really takes a second to set in. She accepted the award with a pre-taped video, but it was worth it to see her celebrating in her mammoth shoe closet (remember it from MTV Cribs?).


Mariah Carey is the perfect person to give out the inaugural Giving Me Life Achievement Award to at the Bravos. Who could be next? It has to be a celebrity that’s on Watch What Happens Live a lot. Chrissy Teigen? Michael Rappaport (who won a Bravo fan award at the Bravos)? Maybe Andy Cohen-BFF Kelly Ripa? The sky is the limit for next year’s Bravos.

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