Khloe Kardashian Hosts ‘Chelsea Lately' & Her O.J. Simpson Joke Was On Point — VIDEO

If you're looking for dirty jokes, Chelsea Lately is the place (or, one of the places) to go and that didn't change with Chelsea Handler's absence on Wednesday night. Khloe Kardashian guest hosted Chelsea Lately and brought her own raunchy monologue. It centered around the current tabloid rumors about Kardashian such as her appearance and rumored pregnancy, and included one particularly cringe-worthy joke about O.J. Simpson. Twenty years later and an O.J. joke still brings down the house.

Kardashian started off saying that the tabloids are 99 percent false, the one percent being the tabloids that are now calling her hotter than Kim. "Everyone, let's hashtag it winning!" she said with a little dance. Kardashian then pointed out the ridiculousness of these stories saying that if they were true she'd be pregnant with three babies by three different men right now. The O.J. joke came in when Kardashian noted that the craziest rumor about her is that Simpson is her real father. "I really hope that’s not the case because I did fuck him once." Ew! Ew, ew, ew! I'll give it to her that making an even crazier (and grosser!!!) statement is a great comeback for the tabloids, but still, Khloe, noooooo! Well, anyway, I think I'm having the intended reaction.


For Kardashian, it was smooth sailing for the entire monologue. I know she's just reading cue cards, but have you ever heard Chelsea Handler read cue cards? It sounds like she's going to pass out. For some reason she doesn't let herself catch her breath and just reads a joke really, really fast without natural rhythm. It can make you feel like you're having an asthma attack. This wasn't an issue for Kardashian who seemed totally comfortable reading to the crowd. Maybe she should get her own show. Keeping Up with the Kardashians has to be ending soon, right? (Right?!?! Will it ever end?!) It didn't pan out for Kris Jenner, but maybe a Khloe show would work better. Hey! There's the name. The Khloe Show. Hm... well, she can probably come up with something else.