Donald Trump Watches Ted Cruz's RNC Speech & His Response Is Exactly What You'd Expect

Former presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz went with his gut at the Republican National Convention, refusing to step in line behind the current face of the Republican Party. When delivering his keynote speech at the convention Wednesday night, Cruz did not endorse Donald Trump. The move may not seem so surprising, considering the animosity which grew between the two presidential candidates over the latter half of the primary season — a bitterness that has clearly solidified. Donald Trump's response to Cruz's RNC speech was exactly what you'd expect from him.

Trump, obviously, seemed to have no qualms about telling it like it really is, but the Republican presidential nominee was slow in his response Wednesday night. Trump finally fired off a tweet just minutes before midnight. He tweeted that he knew Cruz was going to betray his pledge, but let the senator deliver his speech anyway. "No big deal!" Trump tweeted. (You know he thinks it's a big deal.)

The Republican nominee also seemed to engage in a bit of pettiness, too. "Wow, Ted Cruz got booed off the stage," he tweeted. While Trump was exaggerating a bit there — Cruz wasn't necessarily "booed off" the stage — the senator did receive a hostile response from the crowd at the Quicken Loans Arena.

So far, Trump's only response to Cruz's defiant non-endorsement was this single tweet. The Republican nominee also tweeted later that the arena was "electric," which may be a reference to Cruz and his unpopularity, which was put on very public, very courageous display.

It's clear that Trump has been riding on a high since becoming the Republican Party's official presidential nominee. Because of that, he might actually think that Cruz's lack of an endorsement and impassioned speech was "no big deal" after all.

And of course, Hillary Clinton weighed in on the controversy with a well-timed, witty tweet which echoed Cruz's encouragement to "vote your conscience" when addressing voters at the RNC. Well, right there are two people whom you know for sure are not for a Trump presidency, and who don't feel shy about speaking out about it.