'Secretary Of The Status Quo' Memes & Tweets Are The Best Things To Come Out Of Mike Pence's Speech

Republicans must have an entire archive of Hillary Clinton nicknames. Unfortunately for the party, however, most of those names have been too hilarious to be truly offensive. At the Republican National Convention Wednesday evening, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence introduced himself to America as Donald Trump's official running mate, breaking his relative silence since being chosen on July 14. The 57-year-old politician proved that he's conservative through and through, but something infinitely more entertaining was born from Pence's speech: "Secretary of the Status Quo" memes and tweets.

On Tuesday night, after Ben Carson accused Clinton of being anti-American for looking up to a man who acknowledged Lucifer, Pence wasted no time premiering another creative assault on the Democrat. Forget the title "Secretary of State." From now on, Clinton will be known to Republican politicians as "Secretary of the Status Quo." Ouch?

In fact, Clinton — not Trump — has been the subject of most Republican politicians' speeches thus far at the convention. Ted Cruz, for example, refused to endorse Trump, but willingly threw jabs at both Clinton and President Barack Obama. On top of that, House Speaker Paul Ryan, who announced the final delegate count which resulted in Trump's official nomination for president, only mentioned the nominee's name twice. And last but not least, we can't forget the "Hil-LIAR-y" video which played on the big screen for the RNC audience's viewing pleasure. If the RNC feels more strongly opposed to Clinton than it does in favor of Trump, it sure has a funny way of showing it. These tweets and memes are proof of that.

1) Mic Drop

It's just too comical to be taken seriously on Twitter.

2) Total Sarcasm

Clinton probably isn't too concerned about this one sticking.

3) A Compliment?

If you prefer the status quo to Donald Trump...

4) This Random 'High School Musical' Reference

Don't pretend as if you don't know who Sharpay Evans is.

5) Not A Bad Point

Becoming the first woman president would certainly break the status quo.

6) It Had So Much Potential

Again, it's just too much fun to say for it to actually be derogatory.

7) This Frank Underwood GIF

It's true. House of Cards author Michael Dobbs has likened Claire Underwood to Clinton.

8) It Was A Tad Outdated

Definitely not helping Pence's case.

9) All Good Questions

The Seinfeld Bot was on point. If "Secretary of the Status Quo" was considered a single word, it would be an epic Scrabble move.

10) It Had To Have Taken Some Deep Thought

Phrases like that need time to form.

11) This Subtle Ben Carson Reference

And it elegantly comes full circle.