What Colors Are In MAC x Star Trek? Expect Lots Of Sparkle & Metallics — PHOTO

Beam me up, Scotty! MAC's Star Trek collection will give you life. The brand teased more photos of the products in the limited edition range, which lands on counters in September. Trust me, the photos you are about to see will make you geek out over this collection... even if you've never seen an ep of the sci fi series. But don't get me wrong, diehard fans will embrace these items as well. Previously, I had only witnessed a handful of the products, namely the glittery sage green nail polish, the gleaming peach lipstick, and the golden gloss. Based on the new images, it's clear that celestial and sparkly are the key qualities of this collection. So, what colors are in the MAC x Star Trek collection?

Well, these awesome Instagram and Twitter pics tell us a little more. There's a copper eyeshadow, a gorgeous green eyeshadow, and a killer purple lipstick with serious sheen. Check out those liquid metal liners, too. MAC x Star Trek is out of this world. Sorry, not sorry. I had to.

Observe the MAC x Star Trek products in this flat lay image. It's such a tease because there are a few lipsticks with the caps still on so we can't fully witness and appreciate the bullet inside those.

Those facial highlighters offer plenty of depth and dimension too. If you want to sparkle harder than Edward Cullen and make a statement, these products will allow you to do just that.

Want to see even more of MAC x Star Trek? Well, MAC Senior Artist Dominic Skinner posted plenty of pics and descriptions, swatching shades and revealing plenty of details on his own Twitter and Insta. I. Am. In. Love.

The eyes will also have it.

Gilded, golden, silver, metallic, amazing! I love the foil-like look of the nail polishes. Want! Need! Love! Skinner also watched the lipsticks and Lipglasses in the MAC x Star Trek collection.

There really are no words. I will leave you with these images, so you can fully absorb all the gleaming, gorgeous colors and textures that comprise MAC x Star Trek. This is one MAC collab you do not want to miss out on.

Images: MAC Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy of MAC (1)