When Are The Kristen & Maliboo Lip Kits Being Restocked? They Are Back At This Exact Date + Time

Eight minutes. That's how long it took the brand new Kristen and Maliboo Kylie Lip Kit shades to sell out. It felt like February 2016 all over again, when the earliest incarnations of Kylie Lip Kits were selling immediately and the website would kick shoppers off mid-purchase, leaving fans and customers frustrated and cursing their fate (or their slow Internet connections!) We used to have wait what felt like an eternity for a limited restock, too. But nobody panic! Kylie Jenner is restocking the strawberry Kristen, named after her mother Kris Jenner, and the cool-toned nude Maliboo very soon. When is the supply of Kristen and Maliboo Lip Kits being replenished?

BEST. NEWS. EVER. Kristen and Maliboo are being restocked on Friday, July 22, at 5:30 p.m. ET/2:30 p.m. PT. The new Ginger Lip Kit will be making its debut at the same time. So if you missed out on Kris and Mal, and wanted to grab Ginger, you will be able to! It's the first time that all three brand new Lip Kits shades are going on sale together.

So, yeah, we have come a long, long way from the one restock every couple of weeks and a long period of time elapsing between restocks or before introducing new colors. The Kylie Cosmetics operation has found its groove, yo!

Mark your calendars, Lip Kit koveters! It'll be time to shop again before you know it.

I love that Jenner found a new way to express a nude lip color with Maliboo and that she is further exploring reds and oranges with Kristen and Ginger. For a while there, we only had the burnt orange 22 and the screen siren red Mary Jo. Kristen and Ginger are variations on those shades and they are beauts!

I've always got time to witness a swatch of the nudes in the Kylie Cosmetics fam.

The old and the new.

Don't you love these swatches of the newest members of the Kylie Cosmetics squad?

Good luck shopping Ginger, Kristen, and Maliboo on Friday, July 22. Follow these Kylie Cosmetics shopping tips for new launches. Whenever new colors or products land, things get a little crazier than usual. So it's good to consult this guide, which will help ensure that you get what you want.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (5)