Wake Up to the Smell of Bacon Every Day

Is there anything better than waking up to the smell of sizzling, freshly cooked bacon hot off the griddle? No. No, there is not. And now, there’s a way for you to wake up to that glorious aroma every single day, thanks to a bacon-scented alarm clock from Oscar Mayer, and yes you read that right. There’s a fine line between genius and madness and this? Is definitely genius.

If you head over to, you can enter for your chance to win an adapter from Oscar Mayer that turns your regular old iPhone alarm into a bacon-scented iPhone alarm. All you have to do is plug the adapter into your iPhone’s headphone jack, and voila — Smell-O-Vision in real life. Unfortunately there’s only a limited number of the device available, so if you want one, cross your fingers and hope it’s your lucky day.

Alas, I did not win one of these magical devices — but maybe it’s for the best. After all, waking up to the smell of bacon without there being actual bacon present might be more of a nightmare than a dream. And hey, at least even the “sorry, you lost” video is hilarious:

My heart aches for me, too. In the meantime, though, I’m heavily contemplating installing the free Wake Up and Smell the Bacon app, which will at least wake me up with the sound of bacon, if not the scent of it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I have to go make a quick grocery run...