Jackie Gillies' Husband Ben Is Famous Outside 'Real Housewives Of Melbourne'

Real Housewives of Melbourne star Jackie Gillies is a psychic who manages to "sense" the perfect moments to stir up drama within the cast. But, Jackie's husband, Ben Gillies is actually more famous than his wife in their home of Australia. I know, it's hard to believe it, but there are actually some people who don't think of Bravolebrities as the biggest stars in the world. But for a US-centric comparison, think of Ben Gillies as the David Foster to Jackie's Yolanda from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Just like Foster, Ben Gillies is a wildly successful and talented musician whose musical skills are promptly ignored every time the Housewives cameras are rolling.

But if you're curious about Ben, read on, because he's actually a surprisingly interesting guy. Ben is a drummer, and he's been a part of several different bands over the years. Usually, drummers aren't the big name members of their signature bands, with only a few exceptions (Phil Collins, perhaps). But in his first band, Silverchair, which was formed in 1992 according to its website, Ben became famous alongside fellow members of the band Daniel Johns and Chris Joannou. Check out a clip from their first number one single, "Tomorrow," from 1994.

SilverchairVEVO on YouTube

He formed a short-lived second band, Tambalane, but that project only lasted from 2003-2005. After Silverchair went into retirement in 2011, Ben began working on his solo career, ultimately releasing the album Bento in 2012, according to his website. He's constantly working and planning on new projects and new ways to make music.

Ben Gillies is incredibly successful when it comes to his career, but I'd say that he's also a successful husband to Jackie. If you've watched Real Housewives of Melbourne, you know that Jackie can be a little eccentric. She's a professional psychic, and she really does seem to have a sixth sense for drama. But Ben also seems to love getting a little weird, at least judging by his Twitter feed β€” the guy is not your typical self-serious musician. Even his love of social media makes him different from a typical RH husband.

But, even when Jackie's edge bleeds over into their personal lives, he seems OK with it. For example, The Daily Mail reports that throughout RHOM Season 3, Jackie and Ben were stoking rumors that they were expecting a baby. Since Real Housewives of Melbourne has already been filmed and aired in Australia earlier this year, it's already clear that the Gillies family has not welcomed a new baby during 2016, which Jackie confirmed in a Facebook comment on July 2016.

Jackie Gillies may be one of the stars of Real Housewives of Melbourne, but when it comes to their relationship, both members of the Gillies marriage are huge stars. Ben Gillies, in particular, is well-known in Australia for his musical talents. But the best part of this couple is how they both seem to have a similar energy, a little weird, but ultimately are very supportive of one another.