Janet, Jackie, & Chyka From 'Real Housewives Of Melbourne' Guess American Slang & Reveal What They Think Of Each Other

The Real Housewives of Melbourne, much like Bravo's predecessors in America, doesn't hold back. Whether it's an explosive dinner in Manila, Philippines, or a Bustle lightning round of superlatives, Jackie, Janet, and Chyka of Real Housewives of Melbourne don't shy away from speaking their minds. And, that's exactly the reason to love them. In addition to asking the three ladies all about this season's drama, Bustle asked the women to partake in a speed round of questions, along with testing them on some American slang.

Season 2 of Real Housewives of Melbourne was nothing short of dramatic. The women welcomed newcomers Pettifleur and Gamble to the cast, and boy, did they bring some scandal. Janet originally brought up rumors in Gamble's past about her allegedly being "a stripper," and those rumors fueled the season. (Gamble repeatedly denied the allegations during the show.) In turn, Gamble found support from Gina, a Housewives veteran, who has never quite seen eye-to-eye with Janet (and Jackie, especially after the Manila dinner).

Tensions ran high in Season 2, and, leading into Season 3, it seemed the perfect time to get Chyka, Janet, and Jackie to dish on their fellow Real Housewives and hear more about what they really think of each other (and America!).

Round 1: Dishing On Each Other

Bustle: Who is most likely to show up to a party late?

Janet Roach: Gina.

Jackie Gillies: Gina.

Chyka Keebaugh: Gina.

(Let the record show: All of them answered at the exact same time, without any hesitation.)

B: Who is most likely to become President?

Chyka: All of us.

Janet: I think, Chyka, you're quite diplomatic. You'd be good in politics.

Jackie: And, I'm a good motivator.

B: Who is most likely to come out with a pop song?

All: Jackie.

Janet: I've already got a pop song...

B: Who is most likely to flip a table at dinner?

Janet: Pettifleur or Gamble.

Jackie: I reckon Gina.

Chyka: I was going to say Gina, too. It's not a very Australian thing. But, I think Gamble could do it...

B: Who is most likely to forget her own party?

All: Gamble.

(Again, no hesitation.)

B: Who is the most authentic?

Jackie: Me.

Chyka: I think the three of us.

Jackie: I honestly think the three of us...

B: Who is the most full of sh*t?

Jackie: Gina.

Round 2: All About America

Scott Barbour/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

B: What is your favorite thing about America?

All: The people!

Jackie: I want to be the first Housewife to flip to America.

Janet: They have such a great attitude that we don't have in Australia. There's not the tall poppy syndrome here. When people do well, people embrace it, and they're glad. In Australia, it's maybe not quite like that. It's so refreshing.

Chyka: Everyone has been amazing.

B: What is the weirdest thing about America?

Chyka: Some of your food is quite weird.

Janet: Everything is... massive. I say, "Look I'm happy to pay, but just give me half."

Round 3: How Much American Slang Can You Sling?

While bartending Watch What Happens Live, Jackie, Janet, and Chyka quizzed Andy Cohen and guests on Australian slang, so I thought it would be fun to flip the switch (not "switch the b*tch," like Pettifleur's book) and quiz the women on American slang.

B: What does "turn up" mean?

Jackie: That means showing up to a party.

Chyka: Getting to where you're supposed to go?

(Once I explained, someone murmured "What we're going to do tonight," which is why I love these women.)

B: What does "basic" mean?

Jackie: They're very simple.

B: What does "on fleek" mean?

Jackie: On point.

Chyka: On point.

Janet: How do you spell "fleek?"

B: What does "thirsty" mean?

Chyka: Janet would like to answer that question.

Jackie: It means "I want to shag."

Janet: I was asked that the other night, if I was "thirsty." I thought they said, "Did I want a drink," but when I told the girls, they said, "No, it means are you..."

Chyka: Horny. She can't even say the word.

B: What does "Bae" mean?

Jackie: Oh, my babe.

Chyka: Friend.

Janet: Why not say "b-a-b-e" and be done with it, like everybody else?

([Insert prayer emoji] to Janet's thoughts echoing my exact thoughts on "Bae.")

And, there you have it. The Real Housewives of Melbourne don't hold back, love naming names, and are very current on American slang (even though we can all agree that "bae" needs to go).

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