Does This 'Bachelorette' Clip Reveal Who JoJo Eliminates From The Final Four? — VIDEO

I have bad news for anyone who was holding out for a happy ending after the way The Bachelorette ended in its Jul. 18 episode — this clip might reveal that JoJo Fletcher eliminates Luke Pell next on The Bachelorette. I know, trust me, I'm as devastated by that as you are, because Luke is the only guy remaining who hasn't once given me the "you're too cocky, no thank you" vibe. But it seems like maybe that's the personality type that JoJo is attracted to, because even after meeting his family on their Hometown Date and being told he loves her in a legit meadow full of candles, it appears that the cliffhanger we were subjected to last week ends in JoJo sending Luke home. Nooooooo.

I was personally hopeful that Luke would be able to talk her down from that decision, because Robbie, Chase, and Jordan aren't half the man Luke is in my opinion — but it's hard to argue with this video. In it, we see JoJo wearing that blue dress from the Rose Ceremony, and literally sobbing, having just said goodbye to someone who can really only be Luke, since she left it so up in the air about whether she'd be keeping him around. Even as his car is still visible and pulling away, she's asking herself whether she made a mistake, and marveling at how badly it hurts. Um, yeah girl. That's what the rest of us were aware of the entire time! It's the strongest reaction she's had to sending someone home yet, and it's pretty intense, honestly, even in clip form. Take a look.

Ugh, I hate it. The only consolation is that this likely means that Luke is now available to be the Bachelor, and/or any late summer wedding dates that might still crop up for me this season. I feel for you Luke, but also, you won't be having any trouble finding someone; the rest of America loves you.

Image: Courtesy of ABC