Will Britney Spears & Selena Gomez Record A Duet Together? If This Song Happens, It Could Be Huge

Do you see that? That something glimmering out there on the horizon? It could be a major pop collaboration. (Keyword: could. So, uh, protect your heart accordingly.) On Wednesday, pop music supreme being and Instagram maven Britney Spears tweeted something that made me stomp on the brake and throw the car into park: “Technically, yes... But when are we working on our actual duet @selenagomez?” Uh, excuse me. EXCUSE ME. Excuuuuuuuse meeeeeee. *Fetches reading monocle.* *Rereads Spears's tweet.* *Clutches chest.* Are Britney Spears and Selena Gomez going to record a duet? I need the details, and I need them now.

What was it that prompted the "Make Me" legend to tweet such a majestic tweet? A Snapchat video, that's what. Don't mind me as I put the car into reverse and back up a bit: Earlier this month, Gomez Snapchatted (Snapped? Snapstoried? Snap-a-di-doo-da’d?) her response to a fan's inquiry about whether or not she and Spears will ever band together and release a track. “Well, babe, technically I have done a duet with Britney," Gomez explains in the Snap vid. "It came out today, called ‘Hands.’ Buy it.” The "Good for You" singer is, of course, referring to the single that she, Spears, and 22 other musicians recorded and released to raise money for victims of the Pulse gay club massacre.

Fast-forward to this Tuesday: A SelGo fan Twitter account shared the aforementioned SelGo snap. And one day later, Godney herself graced the tweet with a reply. And here it is in all of its lipstick mark emoji glory:

What's that, Queen Britney? Does this mean what we fans hope it means? Will a Brit Brit and SelGo song really happen? Or is this nothing more than wishful thinking? Don’t play with my heart, Brit Brit. I’m already lost in the game.

I am a diehard Britney fan, I adore SelGo, and I always cherish a pop powerhouse collab, so no, it's not crazy to assume that I'm rooting for this SelGodney tune. I hope I hope I hope I hope it happens. Tonight, I shall light a candle at the pop music altar and play this video on a loop:

SergioMZA on YouTube

Oh, what a gift a SelGodney song would be!