Does Rollins Have A Twin On 'Pretty Little Liars'? This Theory Could Lead Us To The Real A.D.

As soon as Rollins' head went through Hanna's windshield, fans have speculated whether or not Alison's evil hubby is actually dead. And now that the Rosewood police claim that Rollins has been spotted in Baltimore, that theory has become even more pronounced. Is Rollins actually alive on Pretty Little Liars ? This certainly wouldn't be the first time someone accidentally got buried alive on this show, so it really is entirely possible, I suppose. But I think there could be another explanation behind this alleged sighting. What if Rollins has a twin on Pretty Little Liars ? It would certainly help to explain how he appears to be in two places at once.

Twins have become somewhat of an over-arching theme on PLL, and just because Mary Drake has been revealed to be Jessica DiLaurentis' twin doesn't mean they're the only pair out there. The more digging the Liars have done, the more they realize how little they actually know about Rollins and his complicated backstory. We know nothing about his family or what made him cross paths with Charlotte in the first place, which leaves the door wide open for a twin brother to be introduced. In fact, this twin could even be the mysterious A.D. who's been tormenting the Liars all season.

If Rollins' name really is Archer Dunhill like it's being implied, the writers want us to make the connection between those initials and A.D. They want us to believe they are one in the same, which means they probably have another surprise twist up their sleeves. This twin theory could very well be that twist. It would also increase the likelihood of how Archer and A.D. could share the same initials without being the same person. Maybe A.D. is Arthur Dunhill or Adam Dunhill and the two of them have been working together this whole time to bring Charlotte's killer out into the open.

Rollins seemed to know pretty much everything that A.D. did, which implies that they're either the same person or in close contact with each other. And now that we know about his burner phone (and apartment), it's clear Rollins was meeting with someone throughout all his various schemes. Having someone who looks exactly like you would certainly help to cover your tracks. And did anyone else find it interesting when Mary Drake ripped that picture of Rollins right down the middle of his face, quite literally making two of him?

Granted, some people are still holding out hope that Wren is Rollins' brother, but that doesn't necessarily rule out this whole twin idea. Not all twins have to be identical after all. Maybe we'll come to find out that this Baltimore guy doesn't look exactly like Rollins, but enough so that they could definitely be related. Wren could be trying to pose as Rollins or (knowing this show) is wearing a Rollins look-alike mask. And if that's the case, then he's purposefully trying to throw the police off track, which means he knows something has happened to his brother. And if this person, whether it be Wren or someone else, is the real A.D., then the Liars may not have just dug Rollins' grave, but their own as well.

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