Who Is Archer Dunhill On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Rollins Isn't The Only Possible Candidate

Despite what the Pretty Little Liars theme song alludes to, taking secrets to the grave is no easy feat because, somehow, they always have a way of bubbling to the surface. So even though Dr. Rollins may be dead and buried, the journey to discovering all about his backstory has only just begun. But that doesn't mean we should take everything at face value. Last Tuesday's episode might have implied that Rollins' real identity is Archer Dunhill aka the mysterious A.D. figure who's been tormenting the Liars all season. However, we never received a direct confirmation of who Archer Dunhill actually is on Pretty Little Liars . Sure, it could be Rollins. Finding Archer's phone hidden in his car certainly seems to point the finger in his direction. But when has anything in Rosewood ever been straightforward?

The way I see it, this will play out in one of two ways: one way being that Rollins' name really is Archer Dunhill, but he's not the A.D. that's been emoji stalking the Liars. Or Archer Dunhill is, in fact, A.D., but he's not Rollins as we are currently being led to believe. Maybe they're working together or maybe A.D. is trying to make Rollins look guilty. Either way, these clues are not as clear cut as we'd like to think, and if Archer really isn't Rollins after all, then he could be someone else we already know who's been working under a fake name this entire time.

Now, of course, trying to predict who this person could be on a show where everyone has looked guilty at some point or another is an almost impossible task. However, my mind can't help but immediately jump to the realization that Noel Kahn will be returning to PLL at some point this season. Thus far he's been suspiciously MIA for quite some time now. Perhaps because he's been busy scheming and plotting against the Liars ever since Charlotte's death.

We still know very little of who Charlotte interacted with throughout her A heyday and beyond. It's possible she and Noel became good friends at some point down the line. Maybe she even taught him how to play he A game in the first place (or vice-versa). Either way, I could see this proving to be an unstoppable alliance and if he felt Charlotte's death was foul play, he could've decided to take up the reigns and take revenge on her killer. That could be when he decided to switch his name to Archer, or perhaps that's been his true name all along. Rosewood's secrets extend far beyond the households of just the Liars. Maybe Noel's family is deeper into this story than meets the eye. And let's not forget how close he was to Jenna at one point...


The same could be said for Wren who has long been suspected of being an integral part of the A storyline. Many have theorized that Rollins and Wren are brothers. Dunhill could be their family name for all we know. But the point is, we shouldn't just assume that he's Rollins just because all the evidence is pointed in his direction. Red herrings are PLL's bread and butter, so it's probably just a diversion to throw us off from figuring out the real culprit's identity... at least for now.

Images: Eric McCandless/Freeform; prettylittleliars/Tumblr; Giphy