Where To Buy Converse’s Auckland Modern Shoes If You’re Into The Shoe Brand’s New Look — PHOTOS


Converse Chuck Taylors are about as ubiquitous as Starbucks locations—You can't turn a corner in a city without seeing one. Their look is so iconic that they're immediately recognizable, but not anymore: These new Converse sneakers, the Auckland modern, are unlike anything we've seen: Say goodbye to the signature flat soles, canvas material, and silver eyelets. Now, their new shoe, the Auckland modern, is all about minimalist athleisure.

It only makes sense that Converse pivoted towards a whole new aesthetic. This past year, the athleisure trend hit an all-time high, making it practically acceptable to wear sweatpants to the workplace, or tennis shoes with a three piece suit. Since when was that acceptable before?!

And while I love my classic converses (I still have my white high tops from high school), I do love this new look. It just looks more grown up and refined. Of course, they serve entirely different purposes than the classic Chuck Taylor, which were more about everyday lifestyle wear more than actually exercising in them. These babies look like they've got more support and are more breathable, making them great for a trip to the gym or a short hike.

Maybe it's time one of our favorite shoes grow up. After all, we have (sort of). In middle school, I had the pink and red versions. I wore the crap out of them. I even tied two different color laces in them, which was super cool at the time. With a double popped collar, duh.

Converse Auckland Modern, $110, Nike

Cute, right? While I love the classic black, I'm digging this blue option as well. These launched on Thursday, so they're available to purchase online on Nike now.

Converse Auckland Modern, $110, Nike

I mean, which one do I like more? Green or blue? It's a hard choice. But wait. There's more.

Converse Auckland Modern, $110, Nike

Damn, those are fresh!

Converse Auckland Modern, $110, Nike

If you're more of a minimalist, this colorway may be best for you.

Converse Auckland Modern, $110, Nike

Knowing me, I'd pick this one for sure.

While I'll never completely ditch the classic (there's a reason I still have my high tops in my closet), I'm totally into this new look. Minimal, yet bright, these are equal parts stylish and comfortable. When I'm walking all around a city, a little support is necessary, and these definitely deliver. Say hello to your new favorite kicks.