This Photo Of Barron Trump At The RNC Is America Right Now

In case you missed it, Donald Trump officially accepted the GOP's nomination for president in a long speech at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night. He spoke about the damage he thinks the current administration has done to the country and the need for change. His large and supportive family sat in the audience, but young Barron Trump didn't seem to love the RNC as much as his older siblings.

Ten-year-old Barron is the youngest of Trump's five children and his only child with wife Melania. Barron was the only Trump sibling not to speak at this week's RNC in Cleveland, Ohio — he's only 10, after all. In fact, he didn't even make an appearance at the convention until Thursday night, just before his father's acceptance speech. In his absence, his older siblings delivered passionate speeches in support of their father, sharing anecdotes and, in some cases, making the case for political careers of their own.

Understandably, Barron seemed to take to the convention setting with less enthusiasm. At one point during his father's primetime speech, a photographer inside the Quicken Loans Arena snapped a photo of Barron holding his head in his hands, as if he were exhausted and, well, over it.

I'm not going to pick on the child of a politician — or on any child, for that matter — but this photo says it all. It's how I'd imagine many Americans felt watching Trump's speech on Thursday night. Regardless of the content, the speech was just plain long. It dragged on for more than an hour and 15 minutes, lasting late into the night. He didn't say much that listeners hadn't heard before, and his delivery was more subdued than other instances. All in all, it was a long ending to a long week of political drama.

If you didn't dislike Trump's speech for its length, you might have opposed it for its negative attitude. Trump devoted much of his address to criticizing his opponent, one Hillary Clinton. He painted the U.S. as a country that has been made more dangerous and more unstable economically because of the current president. While it's not uncommon for a presidential candidate to criticize members of the opposing party, Trump's hour-long speech didn't have the celebratory attitude you'd expect to hear from someone accepting a major party's nomination for the presidency.

Flanked by his family, Trump finally celebrated when the confetti and balloons began to fall from the ceiling. For his part, Barron seemed to perk up ever so slightly at that point. Whether or not the country perks up during Trump's general election campaign remains to be seen.