These 9 RNC Attendees Told Us What's In Their Convention Survival Packs

Sometimes, packing for an-all day event isn't all that different from gearing up for a short camping trip. You need food, water, a jacket in case it gets cold, and some form of entertainment in preparation for when things get boring — you get the idea. Preparing a survival pack for the four-day-long RNC is a whole other story. If attendees aren't meandering the halls of Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena, they're sitting tight in the audience, listening to keynote speakers whose speeches range from just a few minutes' time to one hour and 15 minutes long, the length of Donald Trump's incredibly lengthy, dark speech.

But not all speeches were so gloomy. Ben Carson's address, for example, was incredibly entertaining thanks to his bizarre mention of Lucifer. Ted Cruz's refusal to endorse Trump on the national stage made his speech equally as interesting. Luckily for the GOP nominee, Cruz had given him a transcript of the speech hours before, leaving Trump adequate time to devise a counterattack. In the middle of Cruz's speech, as the crowd booed at him for asking them to vote their conscience, Trump entered the arena and redirected the attention towards himself. That's a lot of drama to handle in just a few days' time.

So, what do convention-goers do before heading out the door? On the last and most anticipated day of the RNC, Bustle asked nine attendees what's in their survival packs and received some animated, yet practical answers. And in case you were wondering, style definitely matters at the RNC. In fact, it's a necessity.

Christian Hart, 20

Water's the most important thing in my survival pack today.

George Fossett, 35


Brittany Atterbury, 25


Halle Regalo, 34

An open mind and a fan.

Sam Barke, 18

In my convention survival pack is six American flag suits.

Jeff Barke, 53

Binoculars, gum, and hand sanitizer.

Dana Dougherty, 44

What's in my convention survival pack is my Donald Trump doll because I'm embracing Donald Trump as my candidate, my make Florida red again hat, and my Nutri-grains.

John Rosado, 70

I’m George Washington and I am 281 years old and a friend of mine wrote in a document, 'We hold these truths to be self-evident that we are created ... '

Mary Susan, 52

The most incredible thing … I’ve got a marshmallow crispy bar and then I’ve got these digestive enzymes.

Additional reporting and images by Hayley Saltzman/Bustle