Should You Wear The Kylie Glosses & Mattes Together? I Tested It So You Don't Have To

Candy K was the first Kylie Lip Kit I ever received. Koko K was the second. They remain my beloved shades, since I tend to prefer pinks and nudes on my lips. Of course, I purchased the Kylie Gloss versions of Candy and Koko the day they launched. I remain a gloss devotee living in a mad matte world. Yes, I rock the matte lip trend often. But gloss is my first love.

I received the black box containing the Kylie Gloss versions of my two fave Lip Kit hues on Thursday, July 21. I immediately painted my pout with Koko and wore it for the rest of the day. Previously, I wrote a post about how to pair Kylie Lip Kits with their matching Kylie Glosses. I suggested using the KLK liner as a base to which its shiny counterpart can adhere. I also suggested adding a swipe of the gloss over top the matte KLK for some depth... even though it seemed to defeat the purpose. Matte is matte and gloss is gloss, right?

Still, I experimented with the latter option. This morning, Friday, July 22, I paired the original Koko Lip Kit liquid lippie and liner with the Koko Gloss to see how the layering would look, feel, and last. Here's what has happened so far.

First, observe how the Koko K Gloss looked on my lips on its own yesterday.

I didn't use liner. I received the gloss, hopped in my car, swiped it on, and headed to Starbucks for a Venti Strawberry Refresher with coconut milk instead of water. The shine was unmesswithable. The color was super mod. I fell in love.

Koko solo again! It really made my lips look plump. Overall, the texture is heavier than most glosses. But I love the shine and shade.

The pic above is me and the Koko K Lip Kit in natural lighting. I lined my lips with the Koko liner, which is already breaking down a bit. I am finding it harder and harder to sharpen. Then I swiped two coats of the liquid lippie.

I love this color in the matte texture. Since I have a tiny scar above my top left, from when I fell and ate you-know-what, I like that the KLK helped me get a more precise lip look.

Next, I applied two coats of Koko K Gloss, which is really thick and pigmented. This is the Lip Kit with two coats of gloss over top.

It added a nice depth and a bit of shine. The matte base also gave the gloss something to stick to and made it last a bit longer. But was any of this... necessary?

Eh, not really. I like the look. But the gloss began to wear off and it made the Lip Kit feel cakey on my lips.

An hour after applying the layers, I ate a mini bagel with nothing on it. While most of the shine remained, I was itching to wipe it all off and start over. It was making me nuts because I was acutely aware that I was wearing a lot of product on my pucker. Also, I am fine with wiping my lips bare and then applying a fresh coat of gloss after I eat and drink. I lasted about 90 minutes with the KLK x KG mashup. I gave up, wiped it all over, and added two coats of gloss only.

The final verdict? I think it's probably best to wear the KLK liquid lippie totally separate from its matching Gloss. My original suggestion to use the Lip Kit liner with its gloss counterpart is the better option.

Images: Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto (9); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1)