Celine Dion Plays Wheel Of Musical Impressions & Her Acting Is Downright Oscar-Worthy — VIDEO

I cannot tell a lie: Celine Dion's been a little absent from my radar for the past few years. But boy, did she come back with a bang with her Thursday July 21 performance. Celine Dion played Wheel of Musical Impressions on The Tonight Show, and it was fire. Canada's greatest musical export's impressions might be the best the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has seen yet. Dion didn't do impressions so much as morph body and soul into the celebrity-singer she was meant to be sending up, to the extent where Fallon had to warn her that "children are watching" while she perfectly emulated Rihanna's non-PG 13 hip movements. Full disclosure: in my next life, I'm coming back as Celine Dion.

The singer was so committed to staying in character that, even between impressions, she retained the personality and voice of the singer she'd just done. Her Michael Jackson in particular was wonderfully scared to press the button, protesting with a "no, no" straight out of "Billie Jean." This said, that might just be Dion herself, who seemed pretty reluctant in general to hit the button, leaving Fallon to push it for her. Whatever. This goddess is an impression-queen so we'll happily let her off for her one flaw: an allergy to buttons.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

While Dion expressed some discomfort with doing impressions of singers like Cher, citing her friendship with the talented singer as a reason why it wasn't cool of Fallon to ask her, when pressed to perform, the singer totally killed. For a start, she's ideally suited for the game because she's got a pair of lungs on her like you wouldn't believe. Not just anyone can whip out an impression of one of the foremost contralto singers ever. For a second, if she really is friends with as many of these singers as she says, she's perfectly situated to study their singing style.

Our girl's also got a few acting credits under her belt, with her role as Piggy Fairy Godmother on Muppets Most Wanted clearly giving her the training she needed to totally immerse herself in each character. Guys, I will never forget her Sia impression. Never. Who knew all you needed to do was flick your hair over your face and sing at full volume?

Anyways, I think we can all learn from Dion here. Next time someone asks you to do Michael Jackson, don't just clumsily attempt to moonwalk and do shrill "oohhoooo" noises. Nope. Do as Celine does and become Michael. Only then will your impression be Jimmy Fallon worthy.

Images: NBC; The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/Youtube